What .22 lr Package Are You Running?

Hey All,

Interested in seeing what .22 Long Rifle setup your running and purpose.

Model: Savage MKII lr F
Scope: 3x9x40 Bushnell Packaged Scope
Purpose: Hunting (Small-Med Game)

Out of the box

sighted in at 50m with CCI Velocitors with 1/2 inch groups

Winchester Powerpoints (hp) / Winchester T22 (lead)

CCI Standards (lead) / CCI Velocitors (hp) / CCI Stingers (hp)

Highland RX (hp)

I found the Lead rounds obviously more accurate followed by the Velocitors.
However the highlanders are the cheapest at $6per 50rnds and I’ve heard good for hunting.
So will zero with Highland.
I really want to try the ‘Agrulia’ ammo, I’ve seen and heard good things. Just have to work out how to get in in Australia.

My 1st Mod - Spray Paint (camo)

My 2nd Mod - Hydro Dip (camo) including barrel

Next Mods
1). Base Pic rail on Front Sling Stud for Torch
2). Red Dot scope



Nice setup, AussieOutdoorOps. For .22lr, I just have the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, no scope. I don’t plan on any shots past about 50 feet. The longer shots are what I have the Henry .22 mag lever action for. That one I will put a scope on.


custom 10/22

custom 10/22, scope: Leupold VX-2 3-9x40, stock: Hogue, bolt: JWH, trigger: Valquartsen,
mag release: NDZ performance, barrel: Valquartsen carbon

10/22 Takedown Light - scope Leupold VX-1 2-7x28


I’m thinking of testing the Remington Blue Champion pack!

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I just have a plain Ruger 10/22. The only mod I’ve done to it is replace the iron sights with an apperture style from Tech-sights. Lots of fun shooting it at short range.

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Nice size scopes.

Specs please

I want to try a different open sight.

original buck sight at the moment.

looking at the Xsight Peep

I’ve add a list of parts to description

Remington 541t with a Burris 1.5 to5.

All this talk about .22LR rifles has me wanting one. We have a .22LR / .22 WMR SAA revolver but no rifle.

Should we just get a 10/22 and be done with it?


All signs point to YES!

I know how you feel, I am thinking of a .22 handgun for my first. It’s a vicious circle

It’s not fully complete yet. It’s a highly modified Ruger takedown 10/22 Charger (10" barrel), today with a folding arm brace. But after ATF sends me my tax stamp to turn it into a SBR it’ll have a folding adjustable VLTOR stock. It also has a HK 3 lug adapter for a Ghost-M can. In it’s most compact form none of it’s 3 parts (including can) is longer than 12". Also in it’s final form the tax stamp(s) to prove it’s legal will be in the hollow and sealed (non functional) buffer tube. I have yet to shoot it for accuracy because I won’t affix a rifle scope to it, but with a red dot at 40 yards it appears that it will be a tack driver.

I got the idea for it from a MAC video (link far below), but I can’t use the arm braced version for Steel Challenge competition, hence the SBR version that I’m building. That will be OK with the rules.

It’s use? Walks in the forest, and popping vermin or small game quietly while being small and lightweight. OK, and I also intend to use it for Steel Challenge, without the can of course so that the e-timer has some noise to work with. For competition it’ll basically be a shoulder stocked handgun with a red dot sight. It should be fast on steel and fast and quiet on zombie craniums should the Walking Dead happen. Add the can at the end of the barrel for weight and it should have decent “holding” qualities.

If PostImage was working I could post pix.

My other go to .22 is a Browning T-bolt that I bought from the Weisbaden Rod & Gun club in '71 when I was stationed in West Germany. It’s quite accurate and just a sweet gun. Currently if I have something that needs dispatching with .22 LR it’s what I grab. The SBR has to be finished and fired for accuracy and I just can’t do that with it yet, so the T-Bolt remains the go-to .22 at this time.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the video on Full30 so I linked to it on (arrgh!) you tube.
>>>>>>>>>>>click here<<<<<<<<<<<

S&W and Colt make a good AR15 variant, Tikka makes an awesome .22 but its a bolty, the action is smooth and its probably the best non-custom .22 ive ever shot. I liked the Savage a little better then the Ruger too but it lacked the aftermarket , im going to try a marlin next. Tikka>Ruger by far unless you wanna burn rounds.

Hi 58marine - glad to hear you are having good luck with the Remington Thunderbolts. I have heard that they run a bit dirty (more residue than some other .22lr ammo) - is that true for you?

Also, Marlin 39A - nice! I have heard it is very accurate - your thoughts? What about the Winchester 9422 - you like it more, or less, than the Marlin 39A?

Hi Mister_Torgue - the Ruger 10/22 is great, and so flexible with all the aftermarket supplies. I have the takedown version, so I can carry it in its nylon carrying case oh so easily. I highly recommend it, though not sure how it compares for accuracy against all these other choices other guys (and gals?), have made. You may want a .22 mag rifle, too, and depending on your choice, it can be as cheap as, or even cheaper than, the Ruger 10/22 (especially if you get the stainless steel takedown model like I did).

The .22 mag coming out of a rifle can develop around 300 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. That is quite a bit coming from such a small bullet.

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Hi jf89 - are the .22lr AR15’s as reliable (or anywhere near) as the .223 Remington AR15’s?

Hi AussieOutdoorOps - I have the Ruger Single Six convertible (.22lr / .22mag) - love it. But, I am still thinking about a dedicated .22lr handgun, though have not decided on which one, yet. Which ones are you considering?

Hi BrianK - I have been thinking about the Ruger Charger for a long time, now. Is it as reliable (you think, or know), as the Ruger 10/22 ? Do they take the same clips (seems like they would, but don’t know) ? Have you ever fired it with the bipod attached, but not while sitting on the bipod? Does it get too heavy to hold and aim for any difficult shots? Thanks for any feedback you can share with me.

Very slick Ruger 10/22, sergetoll. Thanks for sharing pictures of your creative masterpiece.

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I haven’t even started looking. I’ll probally go to YouTube for a starting point.

How about urself?