What .22 lr Package Are You Running?

AussieOutdoorOps - I have too many I like, that is my problem. My top picks for .22lr handguns are:

  1. Ruger GP100
  2. Ruger SP101
  3. Ruger Single Ten
  4. S&W 617 (4 inch most likely, though maybe 6 inch barrel)
  5. S&W M&P 22 (full size or compact)
  6. Ruger Mark IV (Target or Hunter)
  7. Ruger SR22
  8. Ruger Charger
  9. Walther PPK/S Stainless

Now you see why I am having trouble deciding.

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AussieOutdoorOps (et al):

Regarding where to go to learn about people’s experiences with various firearms - yes (for now), YouTube has been a great place to go. Also, Full30. For buyers’ feedback (typically after initial purchase or having fired 50 to 1000 rounds), I like to go to https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/index.php - which is the website for Buds Gunshop Online.

S&W had a recall awhile back but my buddy has 15k through his now with no parts breakage and only clp every 500 rounds, supposedly he beats on it like Ike Turner and it keeps on ticking. My Colt hit 10 k with no issues, no torture testing though like my buddy did to his S&W. I did dump 5 mags pretty fast to see if I could get it to malfunction.

Hi JohnB,

:slight_smile: Old dogs new tricks. I got an email and responded to it this morning (duh!). I’ll find it and insert the text here.

It is as reliable as any other 10/22 since the only difference is barrel length. So anything that works in a rifle version of the 10/22 will work with the Charger to include magazines. I bought my mod’s from ebay and I have yet to buy anything “10/22” that doesn’t work with the Charger. I haven’t fired it with the bipod yet; I was going to today and start to test it using different ammo and barrel items, but it’s snowing so that plan has changed. Understand that I have an arm brace on mine and the plan was never to hand hold it. From arm bracing it it will move directly into being a SBR and being shoulder stocked. I can’t answer the question about too heavy because I never even tried it. It would make for a fairly heavy and unwieldy handgun I would think. But like any oversize and heavy handgun it would work fine from a field expedient braced position. What I mean is on a hat, pack, off the trunk of a tree using the weak hand for support, etc’.

Personally I wouldn’t have bought it to use as a handgun. I think there are .22 handguns better suited to be actual handguns. But for the right niche use it would excel. As I wrote, my plan was to never have it remain as a handgun. Now I’m antsy to have ATF return my tax stamp so that I can finish my SBR build. As an SBR it should be excellent. As an arm braced handgun it shows some of the promise of what it’ll have as a rifle.

I wish I had more for you. I wanted to fire it today with the red dot to see how accurate it is with it and I would have had that information. But in informal testing this winter, in the snow and ice, I strongly suspect it’s a tack driver. With the red dot and lousy shooting position I was getting tiny groups at 40+ yards and many holes were on top of each other merely elongating the previous hole.

If you get one be sure to fit the barrel to the receiver. Instructions for that is in the manual.

If you have any more questions, fire away!

I do like me some .22 WMR. Do you know of any rifle that can shoot both? Don’t really care if its semi-auto, bolt action or break action. I’m a handgun guy so my knowledge on rifles is spotty.

Hi BrianK - Thanks for the great feedback. Just curious about the fitting the barrel to the receiver comment. What do you mean? What does that do for you/the gun?

Hi Mister_Torgue

No, I don’t know any rifles that can safely shoot both .22lr and .22mag. But, you can get a Ruger 10/22 pretty cheap (depending on configuration, roughly $200 USD starting price for a new one). And, the .22mag can be had cheap if you are willing to buy a bolt action - namely, the Savage (stainless steel action and barrel, and synthetic stock - all for around $200 USD, maybe less). Of course, you can spend a whole lot more on other .22’s, if you want.

Thanks for the feedback, jf89.

Thanks, 58marine. You have some very nice .22 rifles. Nice to see that they perform so well for so very many years.

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I’d probably just get the 10/22 and be done with it. Cannot justify buying both separately. Would rather have the 10/22 and use the other $200 for something else…like another Mosin. :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes the never ending dilema!

It seems Ruger is the way to go🤔

Will probally go for a tactical style.

John, the Charger takedown (I assume you mean that since that’s what I wrote of) has a barrel and receiver section that readily separates. They can go together loosely or tightly. One adjusts it for a tight assembly. Could it be fired loosely assembled? Maybe. I didn’t try that because it just wouldn’t be correct.

Of course if you get the non takedown version that wouldn’t be valid.

It seems W&S / H&P and Ruger look nice in the tactical platform. JohnB do not distract me from my rifles :persevere:

Can’t wait to get my handgun licence though!

The Ruger is a good run and gun type rifle but the Tikka is a better precision rifle by far, its made by Sako and makes the Ruger look crude and sloppy. What I cant figure out is why the Ruger cost so much now of days? $280+ for a basic 10/22 is pretty absurd considering the current market.

BrianK - ok so you are just recommending that when you put the gun back together (after having taken it down), to make sure you do it tightly - right? I agree with that comment, for sure.

Hi jf89 - have you tried looking at a gun show? I have found most of my best deals at gun shows - even from regular gun dealers (not private sales). I agree with your comment abut $280 (USD?) being too much for a basic 10/22. I have the stainless steel/synthetic stock, takedown version, and I think I paid just under $300 USD for that.

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Sorry, AussieOutdoorOps - no harm intended. Yes, Ruger does have a nice selection of .22’s - which should be no surprise as they got their start as a rimfire guns company. Still, S&W’s 617 and their M&P .22’s are certainly nice, too. I don’t know about their .22lr AR - probably fine, too.

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Well, yes and no. There is a one time adjustment to do to make sure it’s assembled correctly. If you go to the Ruger site and get the manual it’s fully explained in it.

If you have the takedown version already then you should have made the adjustment once already. You did read the manual didn’t you? :slight_smile: Yeah, I know lots of folks don’t. But for best results with a takedown it pays to read the manual.

What do feed you little precious…

Best for…

Tested and tried
CCI Standard/Velocitors/Stingers
Highland RX up
Winchester T22
Winchester PowerPoint

Small game inside 50m - Highland RX up
Extremely cheap and High velocity round.

Outside 50m CCI Velocitors or Standard which ever is cheapest at the time.
consistent at longer range

Yet to try Blazers, Remington & Federal bulk packs.

And plus yet to try mini mags, maxi mags, magnum and subsonic ammo. Soooo many to try.

Is the maxi mag and magnum the biggest .22 charged rnds?

My .22 is mainly for hunting small game 50m
If there is a better round than what i’m using please TELL ME!

Oh last question which is better for hunting
Lead Nose or Hp?
I understand the hp is better however the soild is better for longer range🤔

AOO, the best for you is, IMO, what works best in your rifle. Just because something is best at something in my gun or someone elses that doesn’t mean that it will be best or even work in yours.

OK, case in point, and before I write more I need to state that I’m far from done testing. The other day I got to do some testing of a few loads in my Ruger Charger takedown and the winner for accuracy was (unbelievably to me) Rem’ Thunderbolt. But I’m just collecting data at this point and I have lots more ammo to test. No tested loads caused any malfunctions. FWIW, ammo that was FAR more expensive and I assumed would be more accurate simply wasn’t. The ammo that I found to be excellent in a bolt action .22 was just “mehhh” in the Charger. There is no rhyme or reason to it near as I can figure.

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