What .22 lr Package Are You Running?


Your right BrianK, a combination of individual rifles, purpose and price point.

That’s why I went with the Highlanders as they are cheap and I simply zero’d in the ammo to my savage.

But I’ve yet to test the consistency in accuracy.

I was thinking that it comes downs to price, purpose and consistency shooting inside 50m as you can zero the rifle to any ammo. Outside 50m would be a lot more specific.

I’ve heard the thunderbolt and Remington Golden bullets bulk packs vary in charges and seeding so not good for hunting. So want to try Federal Champion, Winchester 555 and CCI Blazers.

Still testing as well, I’ll post results HERE!


Well, I’ve had terrible results from Remington ammo in general (both centerfire and rimfire) and that includes the once extremely inexpensive Thunderbolts that I tested. That’s why my limited testing so far surprised me as much as it did. I’ve had Thunderbolt ammo that didn’t fire or made a very subdued pop and threatened to be a squib. But I guess when they wake up and get it right it’s good stuff. At least as compared to what I tested on that one day and against not all the ammo I intend to test against it.

Yes, when I test ammo I get different placement on the target, but that means nothing. We all get that result. That’s just a matter of dialing in correction once the “best” ammo is decided on. I have yet to get a wildly different zero between loads. Excluding the very few “pops” I get per brick of course. I have yet to get a genuine squib where the bullet lodges in the barrel.

Good luck with your testing! If it wasn’t so enjoyable I might call it work. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy my testing :smiley: . After months of not being able to shoot due to the winter cold and snow it’s really good to get out and send bullets downrange. I’ve been living vicariously on the videos of others for far too long (4 months, it happens every year).


I understand the wait, our property is 3 hours away. But when we get our there it is AWSOME!

BUT like i said when we get out there. As i am relativity new to shooting and hunting I am in the process in finding nearby properties.

The next best is trips to the range that is 1hr away.

and the 3rd best is Youtube and Full30 LOL.

post your progress and trips up, would be great to follow.

I’m limited to posts and pics until i can upload videos.

Just ordered my red dot and pic for front sling stud rail for torch. hopefully i cant put up my final build pic for my Savage MKII soon.

Hope to chat again.


Trips? I just go outside. I have a 100 yard rifle range out my back door. A handgun 15-100 yard range as well.

But I understand where you’re coming from. Before I moved to our land I looked forward to it and loved the experience. Now it just is what it is. If I want to shoot I just check in with the neighbor to make sure they won’t be in the back 40 (for safety). He shoots as much as I do so we work together. It’s not unusual for either of us to dispatch vermin at any time, done in a safe direction of course. He also let’s me know of vermin in his trees and I have been known to go over at zero dark thirty to shoot them while he sleeps.

Maine has a law that allows others to use land that isn’t lawfully marked “posted” as long as it’s a non consumptive or damaging use. That means that most of the state is open for hunting and such. (I live in Maine and my land isn’t posted and never will be as long as I live; at least under current law.)


I’ve just finished exploring the 16000aces

Making 3000m rifle range
Tactical handgun range
And a snipers hide on the highest point of the property w a 180 degree in any direction.

That will probally be my first camp out/Overwatch for game.


Over here 40acres is the minimum land size. But then unless you know your neighbour’s know you shot people will call the police.

Having that just out the back would be sweet!

The last time I was put there, I was having breakfast on the veranhda when two roos were hopping across my view inside 80m. I walked in grabbed the rifle and got meat for dinner. Probally my best shooting experience yet.

Can’t wait for my first Deer!


Cool! That outta do it!

Is 'roo good?


BrianK - Actually, I have read parts of the owner’s manual. Apparently, I missed the part(s) you described. I will go back and read the rest.

Thank you very much for the advice.


If for some reason your manual doesn’t have it let me know. I can copy the page(s). Or the manual is on the Ruger website.


Yes, very cheap high health advantages.

And fun to hunt!


Quite a few years ago, our local club added rimfire silhouette matches.
Not having any .22s in a long while, I went to the local big box store and got a Marlin 60, the tube mag semi auto version, and a Tasco 4-12 scope.
Both were inexpensive and have proved their worth time and again.
Plenty good enough for local club matches and range plinking.
No doubt suitable for small game, too.
Nobody will ever show up with this combination for the Olympics, but with decent shooting
skill and a reliable shootin’ iron, there’s no need for most of us to go overboard with our choices.
I don’t attend matches much these days, but this combo will easily chew up clay birds at 100 yards. for plinking fun.


Hy all, was thinking of buying another .22 on a tactical platform.

I have a MKII F, good action n barrel so going with a tactical chassis build.

Thinking one of MDT chassis systems and magpul grip and butt stock.

Is there any other chassis? I found one but forgot the make and model.


Go ruger, bought 10-22 carbine 170.00 found super sale shoots great right out da box😋
Put a shitty scope off 22air rifle and drive tacks with it!leaves more money for mil surps
I feel the sickness comeing on again!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, I see the 10/22 has a lot of compatible tactical mods.

But I really like the savage Action n Barrel.
Looks like MDT and AB are my options for chassis.

Although I want tactical ruger.
So many options, might come to price point.

Plan A
MDT Chassis $450au
magpul at style grip$150au
Butt stock $50

Plan B
Savage .22 with mdt Chassis system $650au

Plan C
Ruger .22 tactical $$$ ?



I found in the owner’s manual what you were talking about. Next time I take my Ruger 10/22 out, I will need to do that (the barrel adjustment).

Thanks again for your information and advice.


No “package”, but I shoot my Stevens 84C w/Bushnell 4X and lot and also my Rossi 92 pump w/Williams sight replacements. CCI standard velocity, mostly.



The new Anchuz .22 looks sweet.


so does the RPR


A little price difference:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i just found Winchester Bushman ammo to try.
37.6gr n $8.50 per 50

looks good.


I have had this M&P 15-22 for about 5 years, it’s accurate enough my eyes can’t keep up with it and iron sights. It’s just a range toy, never taken it hunting. Been using Winchester 40gr and she seems to like it.


With alittle more knowledge I am about to re-test ammo for my Savage MKII lr. Hunting Small-Med Game


My initial thoughts
0-50m hp $6-8 ammo
Highlander RX
Winchester PowerPoint
Winchester super speed
Remington cyclone
Sellier & Bellot (unknown brand)

50-100m hv hp/soild $10-$15
CCI stinger
CCI Velocitors

Other recommendations, GO!


Copper plated or Lead Hollow Point?

Your thoughts on accuracy, effectiveness and consistency!

Haven’t found any vids on comparisons.