What .22 lr Package Are You Running?


Ruger 10/22 with fujen bull barrel & laminated thumbhole stock, Nikon monarch 2.5-10× scope


Twin brothers from separate mothers.
Did this to get my granddaughter interested.
10/22, pretty blue barrel courtesy of Tactical Solutions and an inexpensive red dot.


That’s a beauty! Great job getting the little ones into shooting!


It seems Ruger is the go to!

I’m finding it hard to find aftermarket mods for my Savage MKII☹

I think I will get a Ruger handgun🤗


+1 for the Ruger 10/22. I’ve ran a base model with a cheap BSA optic for the past 20 years. It’s never let me down and I plan on passing it on to my son when the time is right.


Savage MKII FVSR, Caldwell bipod, Simmons .22 Mag 3-9by32 AO, voodoo tactical cheek rest (since savage uses the same stock for iron sighted models) Absolute squirrel destroyer. I had it hitting an 8 inch plate at 212 yards two weeks ago. It was awesome. First time ever taking it out that far.


Looks sweet👍

Hitting the range in 2 days hopefully. Testing HP ammo for hunting.

Will do a distance test and see how far I can go. 200+yrds :ok_hand:

I was hoping for 100 w HV HP, but the MKII has a reputation of hitting long. So can’t wait to test.

Confident it can go 200+ w LRN.


Hy, about to test these Hollow points. Anyone got reviews?

L&B 38gr
Winchester PowerPoint Max 42gr
Winchester Super Speed 36.5gr
Winchester Bushman 36.5gr

Got sucked in the marketing, the Super Speed n Bushman are the SAME BULLET😣
Anyway I’ll see how I go.


It’ll do 200 easily. If you’re patient


My other ruger 10/22. W/ Bushnell 3×9. Light & compact , tapco collapsible stock kit.


Right getting together my results of my ammo test up.

Aim: Testing for <50m/yards
Budget $6-$9
Result: Not much difference at all at 50. I would image it will be the same w other ammo.

So will stick with the $6 box.

Next Test 50-100m/yds
CCI Subsonic & CCI Min Mag hp
Price range $10-$15


I have the MKII F
Super accurate👌

I’ve yet to take it that far. I’m at 50m/yds at the moment.

What ammo does it like at that range?
Thinking 40gr LNR?

I’ve heard HP rds can go out to 100 and HV rds don’t really perform at distance.

Your thoughts?


For pistols I have a ruger mk2 and sig misquito. My rifles are: 1) Ruger 1022 ss in a titan stock topped with a mueller 32x target scope. Kidd trigger kit and extended release. Titan stock. Still working on it, but a sub moa shooter with eley target out to 100. 2) Savage mk2 fvsr in a boyds pro varmint stock using delrin washers to take up between the stock and the action. 6x primary arms with acss reticle. 3) Anschutz 54 match. I love this one. 3 oz 2 stage factory trigger. The stock was beat when I got it, but was able to restore it with tru oil. This rifle is still competitive! (Sorry about picture order)
1022 Target

54 Match Before stock work

FVSR Top and 1022 Target Bottom. The Savage likes high velocity cci. At 100 1" 10 shot groups are the norm. I have had this out to 200 with the acss reticle. Its a perfect match!

54 Match 25, 50, and 100 meter targets

The 1022 on the sinclair tactical bipod.

Acss Reticle.

Originally I had the Mueller 32 on this, but the 1022 was just plain fun to shoot small groups with. I repurposed the savage as my tactical rimfire.


@AussieOutdoorOps Anschutz and ruger are not in the same league. I do admit ruger makes a good .22lr… but they are focusing on a lower end market where anschutz is “go big or go home”. Its like comparing a remington 700 to a panda :wink: That ruger is tempting tho. Nice looking rifle with some nice features.


Wow, these are all really impressive .22 rilfes. I kinda feel a little lower class for my itty bitty rilfe by comparison.

I’m using a Savage Arms 64F auto loader. It came from the store with a 20 dollar airgun scope on it, that I haven’t taken off (it works for me so far).

I do want to put a dovetail to picitiny rail adapter on it, and use slightly better sights. But that’s purely for vanity.


You made a good choice going with savage. Just keep it as is. After a while you will get a feel for what you want in a .22 lr. If you want to start shooting small groups off a bench at 25 or 50, if you want to hit steel out to 200, or if you want to do unsupported shooting. I think I saw that you hunt small critters. The Primary arms ACSS 6x is going to be a good investment. I can confirm It works out to 200 with cci mini mags. The only issue is that the reticle inside of 25 yards will be a bit blury and hard to focus on. Best for 30+. That being said, It is still functional under 50.


Honestly, I picked it because it was under $150, and it had a scope. So far, I’ve been to the range twice. I go to an indoor range, and I do shoot standing. I wouldn’t mind shooting sitting on a table, but the range I’ve used so far, doesn’t have that option. Though I’ve never been to another range yet.

And, no. I have no interest in hunting. This is a target rifle. Nothing more. But I do enjoy shooting it!


Ah! Got ya. Must have mixed you up with somone else. My memory is…wait what was is talking about? :wink: If you have questions on anything feel free to tag me or pm me. Also I recommend joining rimfire central forums. Great group of guys.


Hey All,

Finally settled on the .22 Hp ammo for my Savage MKIIF for inside 50m/42yds

1st choice Winchester Bushman $6per 50
2nd choice Highland RC $6per 50

Next Test 50-200m
Hyper v Sub Sonic

Initial thoughts - Sub Sonic Solid for a more stabilized round at longer distances.
Obvious 1st choice CCI Sub Sonic

Budget $10-15?
Let see how i GO!

My Results of my Hp Testing.



You try the cci Segmented hollow points yet?