What .22 lr Package Are You Running?


With alittle more knowledge I am about to re-test ammo for my Savage MKII lr. Hunting Small-Med Game


My initial thoughts
0-50m hp $6-8 ammo
Highlander RX
Winchester PowerPoint
Winchester super speed
Remington cyclone
Sellier & Bellot (unknown brand)

50-100m hv hp/soild $10-$15
CCI stinger
CCI Velocitors

Other recommendations, GO!


Copper plated or Lead Hollow Point?

Your thoughts on accuracy, effectiveness and consistency!

Haven’t found any vids on comparisons.


Ruger 10/22 with fujen bull barrel & laminated thumbhole stock, Nikon monarch 2.5-10× scope


Twin brothers from separate mothers.
Did this to get my granddaughter interested.
10/22, pretty blue barrel courtesy of Tactical Solutions and an inexpensive red dot.


That’s a beauty! Great job getting the little ones into shooting!


It seems Ruger is the go to!

I’m finding it hard to find aftermarket mods for my Savage MKII☹

I think I will get a Ruger handgun🤗


+1 for the Ruger 10/22. I’ve ran a base model with a cheap BSA optic for the past 20 years. It’s never let me down and I plan on passing it on to my son when the time is right.


Savage MKII FVSR, Caldwell bipod, Simmons .22 Mag 3-9by32 AO, voodoo tactical cheek rest (since savage uses the same stock for iron sighted models) Absolute squirrel destroyer. I had it hitting an 8 inch plate at 212 yards two weeks ago. It was awesome. First time ever taking it out that far.


Looks sweet👍

Hitting the range in 2 days hopefully. Testing HP ammo for hunting.

Will do a distance test and see how far I can go. 200+yrds :ok_hand:

I was hoping for 100 w HV HP, but the MKII has a reputation of hitting long. So can’t wait to test.

Confident it can go 200+ w LRN.


Hy, about to test these Hollow points. Anyone got reviews?

L&B 38gr
Winchester PowerPoint Max 42gr
Winchester Super Speed 36.5gr
Winchester Bushman 36.5gr

Got sucked in the marketing, the Super Speed n Bushman are the SAME BULLET😣
Anyway I’ll see how I go.


It’ll do 200 easily. If you’re patient


My other ruger 10/22. W/ Bushnell 3×9. Light & compact , tapco collapsible stock kit.


Right getting together my results of my ammo test up.

Aim: Testing for <50m/yards
Budget $6-$9
Result: Not much difference at all at 50. I would image it will be the same w other ammo.

So will stick with the $6 box.

Next Test 50-100m/yds
CCI Subsonic & CCI Min Mag hp
Price range $10-$15