What .22 lr Package Are You Running?


NO not yet. I wanted to but if I can find a $6pck to do the same job as a $14 pck. I’ll go with the $6 and save for hardware Mods, Plus they are never available.

I have seen the reviews on they, devastating round!


Yes they are! 1640FPS.


Model 52 B Winchester and CMP Kimber 22 Model 82, both target 22’s used for Silhouette out to 200 meters. Using Lapua Polar Biathlon ammo for both.


I saw Lapua at the shop. $22.00/50pck
Mat have to try them.


I just completed my form 1 SBR (USA- don’t even try to follow our firearms laws) and am moving into testing various loads for accuracy but I suspect it’s going to be more of a test of me torquing the barrel more than anything else. I built the SBR on a Ruger Charger takedown handgun.



Its been a little while.

But I have finished Ammo test with Hp for small game hunting inside 100m.

Going with Sellier & Bellot (orange) as you can see it more consistent in velocity and very very affordable at $6.00 per 50.

Next test is .22 Solid to shoot 100m-200m
I’ve been recommend Subsonics as they, I think would be more stable.
I am looking for a consistent and capable round that is affordable.
Budget $5-$8


I like having choices hence the reason for the testing,

I will have my Bushnell Holographic (Second) scope mounted so I’ll see how it all goes.

Hoping to hit the range in 7dys.


Not sure if this helps you or not, $7 to $8 a sleve of 100. Comes in hp, subsonic, and roundnose. 30 shots.


Ooooo Didn’t realize mini mags came in LRN!

will definitely be getting some.

I think it will be a CCI Mini mag LRN v CCI Sub sonics 100-200m Test

Maybe CCI Standard as well.

How far and close have you shot groups?


For groups just out to 100. For cans and or steel, Out to 200. Range I was shooting at had 4 ot 5" steel. Wasnt having issues pegging them with the drop reticle.


I’m running an old Mossberg .22LR Patent dates it in the 1930’s. Although this rifle has yet to see the woods just yet.


not 22, but 17HMR


new old one… Browning T-Bolt, 1970


This is my latest build I did for a video on my Crazy Ivan Precision 10/22 Chassis system. See videos and more details at my website CrazyIvanLLC.com Thanks!


Plain Jane 10/22 with a 3-9x40 el cheapo scope for hunting small game and plinking. Been thinking of building it into an AR style stock with a better barrel.

I also Use my Savage Axis .223 with a light load of CFE223 to emulate 22lr speeds. Extremely accurate!


I’ve got a Savage boot action with a… I don’t know scope. Quite capable out to 100 yards. Haven’t shot it further than that yet. Great training rifle. Cheap and fun.

I also have a Henry lever action .22. Possibly the most “fun” gun I own. Great gun for teaching people.

I also have a .22lr AR-15 upper recover. Great for training my competition rifle.

I also have a Ruger SR22 pistol. Fun training pistol.

Finally, I just picked up a Ruger 22/45. I’m gonna our a red dot on it and it will be an awesome competition trainer.


Hi Mary - You might not need a better barrel to boost up the performance AND have it AR style! - check out my video:

10/22 Precision on a Budget



Barrel is pretty worn… that 10/22 has a LOT of years on it!


Mister_Torgue This is probably your best bet for a rifle to shoot both. http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-455-american-combo-22-lr-17-hmr-5-rd-mags/ I think they offer it in 22/22mag package as well. I have the 22/17HMR combo the CZ’s have a excellent reputation for accurate rimfire rifles.


Oh, well you might need a new barrel then!