What .22 lr Package Are You Running?


My favorite 22 setup is a Rugged 10/22 from TBA Suppressors. It has a 16" OAL integral barrel with a Titanium mono core. I’m running a Leupold 3-9x42 scope on it.


Ruger 77/22 22LR with a Green Mnt. stainless fluted match sporter barrel
CZ 455 17HMR/22LR combo
CZ 452 22Mag
Ruger Single 6 22/22Mag
Ruger MKIII target



What a sexy combo, I like the paddle release, hows the DA trigger on those?


Good posts as I will be shopping for the youngest grandsons first .22 for Christmas.
Can’t wait to see the look like his father had when my Dad gave him his first, a 9422.


I hate to admit it, but it’s been a couple years since I shot any of these.



I run Rugers… mags all work in them and the amount of parts available. I use mine for plinking and for gophers.
Just picked up a Ruger Precision rim fire. They are cool.

I like my camping one, it is nice and can fit in my backpacks.

I have like 3 more of them



Can I ask what scope mount is that? I wanted to find a QD mount like that for my rifles.


It’s an adm mount American defense manufacturing


I run and usually push American Defense for just about every QD mount that we need. From scope mounts to bipods. Run them on RMRs too. Great mount.


My 1st post and on 1 of my fav. subjects, rim fires.
My fav. bolt is my Win. Model 57 target that I built from a barreled action, 22lr, Lyman peep sights, new walnut w/ 7 coats of hand rubbed Lin-Speed oil followed by 4 coats of Renaissance wax , love it. My fav semi-auto is my Springfield ( GILL) gun , 87a that I refurbished, stock is tiger maple that really started to pop after that 4th coat of Lin-Speed, also have a Mossberg 46a b.a. a couple of Rem. 24s,1 good 1 part gun, a Chiappa Lil- Bagger22 mag/.410 o/u combo gun, and just got a Chiappa M1 carbine 22lr that I had to have , I have 2 rev., 1 was my Dad’sold 22 and I have a Hopkins and Allen Blue Jacket 1 1/2 in .22 short made in 1871 , still has 95 percent bright nickel and fully functional, I’m just a little partial to rimfires:-)


Welcome to Full30. I hope are enjoying your time here. How did you find us?


some one on twitter mentioned it in response to u tube censorship of gun videos


Yeah we get lots of people like that. I guess we should be grateful to YouTube for being so dumb about guns.