What 2nd amendment organizations do you belong to?


@switchpod for the intellectual property (stolen)

There is a lot of huff and puff but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is,

What 2nd amendment organizations do you belong to?

Its not boasting its encouraging and supportive

Philanthropy is not (yet) by lifes work but dimes equal dollars

I support

and if you bookmark your Amazon log-in you can support every-time you shop


I also support www.keepandbeararms.com/ And maintain active USPSA and IDPA memberships


I’m in several, the NRA, not the NRA-ILA. The USPSA, Wisconsin open carry, and Wisconsin carry Inc.


The wife and I are both NRA life members and both of us are both very unhappy with what they are doing and have done.
We both are about to start supporting GOA. There are a few home grown ones in our state, but we both think that the money would go further with GOA.
@Robert idea with Amazon is interesting I will need to research it more. Thank you Robert.


I wanted to add that it is hard for anyone with the capacity for independent thought to become part of a group. History has taught us that groups can change into something not all the members support anymore “NRA”, and the crutch of group think being two examples as of late.
The most successful battles won in history relied on an individuals ability to think in an unrestricted way in a dynamic environment.


NRA, Sportsmen’s Alliance & Buckeye Firearms Association currently., however you might want to check back with me in about month and see where I’m at then…


Life member of the NRA. But probably withholding more contributions until I decide based on what’s been shared here and my own research.

The CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Assoc) and only recently IDPA.

Also going to check out GOA


apparently not how they are funded anyhow


That’s what I have to look into. They sure beg a lot.
Again I’m not 100% anti NRA. Every class I have to take for a CCW (in Ca or non resident) requires the trainer to be NRA certified.

I need to fully understand the degree of financial separation (if any) between the NRA & NRA-ILF.


Don’t forget the very effective Second Amendment Foundation.
They have done plenty in the courts to protect gun rights.


I am an NRA Life member.

I am also a member at my local gun store/range.

Looking into other organizations, too.


I’m a life member in NR A. But I do most of my donations to the friends of NRA foundation. We decide where the money goes.


I only hold memberships at 2 local ranges. Just dont have the money and not worth holding memberships if it takes away from range time. I did the NRA for a while but, again, ran out of money.


Membership in a local range and NRA.




One of the articles from one of the organizations that I belong to that I thought I’d share if you like to read into these type of topics.



So, wonder when the 3-day waiting period to see any Dr. will be announced?

So people can cool off on the idea they are in pain or discomfort…

  1. Gun Owners of America
  2. National Association for Gun Rights
  3. Firearms Policy Coalition
  4. 2nd Amendment Foundation
  5. National Rifle Association
  6. National Shooting Sports Foundation
  7. Defense Distributed
  8. Lone Star Gun Rights
  9. USPSA
  10. IDPA
  11. My local gun club

Sheesh… I might have a problem…