What a tyrannical operation looks like

If you drive up the road, shooting… out of an unmarked van…
I will Swiss cheese your van to protect myself. But not with 9mm… I protect my property with a little bit bigger.
Just saying…
Play stupid games, win the prize.
VERY glad this man was acquitted




That is infuriating to watch.
I hope he gets millions and pays mercs to visit each and every one of their homes. :spook:


Who needs gangbangers when the Minneapolis police are available? Some of them need to lose their jobs and be sued and lose everything. Where’d they learn to police like that? Stalinist Russia, the 3rd Reich?


And then people scratch their asses when thousands of people scream defund the police.
It doesn’t take many (this case looks like 12) to give a lot of really good officers a bad name.
The comander should be held accountable and fired.


It’s probably a good thing the folks there didn’t have proper weapons to repel the gangbangers. The cops would have been hamburger. Stupidity! It’s still just appalling to me.

I once showed a cop just what a deer rifle (.308 Win) would do to a vest and the 1/4" steel plate that was behind it and he was flummoxed. He’d been told they were bullet proof. But many cops don’t know much about firearms. About the cop, I don’t know if that made him see the reality of us vs them.