What all tools to build AKs


Was wondering what all tools I needed to build my first AK. I have a hf 20 ton press all ready. Was looking at the legion set that is suppose to do it all. But was wondering if anyone else had suggestions.


The toth tools set is also very nice and works very well
Am builders jigs are always good as well

There is a variety of tool that you will need though
Are you building from flats ?
Or naught receivers ?

One of the first things you should buy tool wise
Is a full set of go and no go gauges for the caliber you choose
Also a field gauge


I’m still trying to figure out what to get. I’m thinking about getting a complete receiver for my first build and maybe get tools to work with flat receivers later. Hopefully I can pick up a Romanian part’s kit soon.


Only one tool needed.

1 BFH.



Being single is the best “tool” to start building.


Lol. Being married with 2 kids does slow things down a bit.


Yeah buddy! I remember the “diapers before bullets” daze.

I got 3 good patriots out of it though.