What are some good semi auto 5.56 rifles?


One more idea! How about a FN2000? The tactical tuna!


Al pachino character uses it shooting the robbers. Think fn fal mixed with a galil!


If you like bullpups how about a FAMAS. I want one of those BAD!


They made semi auto models you have to go to gun broker. I think there is two on there now.


Thank you for the info and experience with them. I don’t feel so bad for letting one slip threw my fingers two months ago.


Quick question for you. Have you ever thought about a AK74 platform? .25 cents a round cheap magazines.




What do you all think of this?



It sucks for me because I have wanted one. Now they are going up on price.





No matter what ar guys say
5.45x39 is far superior round that 5.56
The ballistic alone are way better
5.45 has a hollow nose that allows the bullet to yaw when impacting a target and creates giant wound cavities


Why are you telling me this? I have advocated this for years, and posted this in threads.


I was just reinterating your point
A lot of folks don’t realize what 5.45 can do


Maybe penetration and if you are comparing it to basic military loads like the 55 grain. What do you mean by ‘better’? Black Hills 77 gr 5.56 fits my needs alot “better” and I consider it a better round as in more accurate and better on fleshy targets, I would not want to rely on either to shoot through shit. I do like the 5.45 though but as with everything else its a matter of needs and opinion.


Too many variables to really say its better than 5.56. With premium loads I dont agree but the 5.45x39 is an impressive round either way, I hope they start making it domestically someday. I prefer small fast rounds out of semi-auto rifles so I would probably prefer the 5.45x39mm over the 7.62x39 stuff.


I know I do!


It’s such a lethal round
I prefer 7.62 but that’s a personal preference
I had a few 74s and I got out of it because I was too deep in 7.62
I still have a saiga 74 a basic conversion
But after the ban in 7n6 I got out of that round
I was too deep into 7.62 to convert to 5.45


7.62 x 51 FTW :stuck_out_tongue:


5.56 & .308 because we are not communist.