What are some good semi auto 5.56 rifles?


Other semi auto 5.56 rifles (not AR/AK/Mini14 style). Not a complete list, but these are most of the ones available nowadays (availability depending on your wallet). I probably missed a bunch, but this is just a quick run down of the modern/aftermarket supported/readily available models.

Scar 16
CZ 805
Beretta ARX100
Zenith Z43
Bushmaster ACR
Robinson Arms XCR-L
Keltec Su-16
IWI Galil (AK-style, but not really an AK)
Faxon ARAK
LMT/LWRCI/POF/Adams Arms/PWS Piston ARs (not your father’s direct impingement)

IWI Tavor/X95
Desert Tech MDR
Stey AUG
FN FS2000
Keltec RDB


^ This ugly duckling looks like fun to own and shoot. And I’ve heard is pretty reliable.


I would add the Faxon ARAK21 to that list. I have had mine for awhile and it’s a good platform. AR style bolt matched to the long stroke gas system, think AK or M1 Garand, with easy caliber change through simple barrel changes and ambi ejection ports.


I loved the ACR. I have a buddy who loves his SCAR and Tavor bullpup. I was looking st a Tavor, but went with an AR15 because I could build it myself easier.


I own one, I love it. I want another!


Shit, what do you NOT own man? :cowboy_hat_face: If I’m ever in your neck of the woods we gotta go shoot some meat targets ala Paul Harrell style.


Pig heads , cinder blocks and 2x4s are my fvorite besides tannerite.


Deal! P.M. me whenever if ever your in my state.


Have you pushed it yet? Any reliability issues?


No not yet. It is very fun to shoot. More so than I anticipated. My CZ Bren got minimal range time that day. 90% of the ammo went to the Beretta ARX.
The only problem with it I can foresee is the ARX is piston driven so when the action is open sand/ mud could get into it, and well then you know what happens.
The action is very tight so IMO I would give it the same chances I would give a piston AR rifle.
You will not believe the balance with a loaded magazine. Unreal.
Not one issue yet.


I just had a hard time gripping the front. They look cool though. What makes you like it more than the Bren 805?


Good question.
First off, VALUE. I got this one new in box for ~800.00.
It has and offers more options than any other firearm that comes to mind.
It is very very light weight 6.8 lbs with sling/sights.
Cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel.
It comes with bag/sling/ diopter sights, 100-800yards.
Pic rails at 12-3-9 o’clock
Breaks down in less than a minute. Try it everything apart in under a minute.
The only down sides IMO is reciprocating charge Handel, heavy trigger, and accuracy is 2 MOA. Just to bring up a point on the downside remember it’s a military grade firearm not a high speed low drag rifle.

Don’t get me wrong I love my Bren. I got that for ~1,500.00 new in box. It doesn’t have all the options, or come with as much stuff as the ARX.
I bought both of them with in 2 weeks, knowing what I know now I would have bought 2 ARX rifles.


Does it have any issues with pmags?


Not gen1,2.

I don’t think I have any gen3 p mags.
I have heard that a gen3 might not work due to a over insurtion ledge mag pul put on the gen 3 magazines. If anyone else has one please chime in.


I would say there are a lot of good options on the market ranging in price. People have posted a number of different options already. Once that just came onto my radar is the new Bren 2. They’re limited in numbers right now and commanding a premium ($1800+) but they are going to give the SCAR a serious run for its money when they’re available in greater numbers sometime around SHOT Show. I have one and I’ve shot the full-autos in the Czech Republic. It will likely replace my AR15 as my truck gun here soon if my testing continues to be so incredibly positive.


A voice from above?
can’t wait until tomorrow night


$1800 is not that bad compared to $2800 for a SCAR.


That’s why I say it’s probably going to be a SCAR killer. It has exceptional quality, a non-reciprocating charging handle, outstanding ambi controls, light weight, modular, and just plain sexy as all Hell.

I liked the 805, but it had too many little things I didn’t like. The charging handle was reciprocating, the bolt hold was hard to operate manually, etc. All that is resolved with the Bren 2 and it’s probably one of the best new rifles I’ve used in the last 20 some years. I can’t think of one that’s impressed me more.


Tim what do you think of the FN FS2000? I’m curious to hear your perspective.


Is the lower reciever made of polymer like the SCAR?