What are some good semi auto 5.56 rifles?


Thats a must, :+1:


Yes! Even One of Full30’s sponsors pays homage to the Beretta ARX 100!


The FN FNC is a great weapon.

But getting parts for it can be tricky. Though with 4000 rounds through mine, I have not broken a thing.
Steyr AUG, IWI Galil ACE, IWI X95 or TAVOR, Desert Tech MDR, CZ BREN, Robinson Armament XCR, :thinking:
I know I am missing some others that are not AR platforms. Hahahahhaa
Only reason I would not grab my FNC is because of parts availability. Besides that, one hell of a firearm. :grin::+1:


I will give you mine on the FS2000…
I was in heaven when they became available to the public. (Used to be a big fan of FN)
so I picked up a bunch. One for shooting, 3 for investments.
So I take my shooter out and run M855 ammo through it… works great. I really like it. Get about 200 rounds into it and switch to some left over Norinco ammo. Gun will not cycle.
So I grab some .223 hunting rounds that I always seem to have. Still will not cycle. So I go with M193 ammo… it runs but every 8th round or so, get a jam…
So back to the green tip. Runs fine.
By this time I have about 300 rounds through it and I switched to steel case. No go…
Well I am pissed. A military “type” weapon should run anything, especially clean.
So I go home clean the first one and take out a second one plus the first one the next day. Exact same thing.
Now, I could have opened up the adjustable gas port. But why should I have to mill the barrel on a brand new weapon?
Sold them all…
Since then I have had more issues with FN products. The SCAR heavy I had was not impressive with the grouping. Sold it. Love the PS90 still over priced for what you are buying. Same thing with the 5.7 they took a $450.00 pistol and decided to charge $1300.00 stupid.


That’s too bad about the FS2000. :frowning:


They may have made them better. If I come across one, I will probably pick it up and MAKE it work. I loved the gun for the most part. It would not take any Magpul mag, had to be aluminum but the forward eject and the charge handle were great. Trigger sucked, kind of like a AUG
But if I had the choice between an NATO AUG and the 2000 I would grab the AUG