What are they talking about?


Alright, guys. We’ve all experienced it. Maybe even been guilty of it. Mispronouncing or misidentifying gun related things.

I’m not talking about a slip of the tongue or those cats that call magazines “clips.” I’m talking a full on practiced and repeated failure.

I probably won’t call out someone on “LA-pua” vs. “la-POO-ah.” (Even I wonder, sometimes. That’s a hard one). However, if you pronounce “Mossberg” as “Mossenberger” or “Sig Sauer” as “Sig Sawyer,” it brings bubbling to the surface a rage that can scarcely be contained. Seriously, it makes me wanna dip kittens in hot grease. And, if I had a nickel for every time someone mentioned “filing the firing pin” of an AK or SKS to make it an illegal machine gun, I probably wouldn’t be writing this as I’m not sure how good wifi would be on the spaceship I would build with the money. :rocket::flying_saucer:

What have you guys experienced (or done) in this realm? Tell us your stories.


Its lop-uaah


No stresses anywhere? I think that makes it even more difficult to say. Is it because you’re a bot? Lol



Bullet vs Cartridge vs Case.
Always correct those.
Heckler and Koch pronounced Heckler and Coch (like crotch) Kosh (pronounced like Coke).
Coke is the proper pronunciation.


The one i experience all the time is SAKO. Apparently it’s pronounced “sock-o”
I myself pronounce it “say-co”. Man can that one start people up.




Yeah! That one too.


Why is there not a “like again” button? It’s a short i, not a long one… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!


I don’t need this shit! I’m very happy with my full semi-automatic and I don’t care how anybody pronounces or says anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: oh yeah, I have a Leeapoouldd scope mounted on it


GA-rand or ga-RAND? I heard Jean “John” Garand’s last name was pronounced as the former, but most folks pronounce his rifle as the latter.


As long as they get the “Ga” in there, I’m not picky. It’s when they say, “grand,” that gets me.

“It’s not 1000, it’s a guys name.”


Yeah, even the wealthy Koch brothers’ name is pronounced as coke.


Amen Brother ! Put that in yur pipe and smoke it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t get me started !I’m from southern Missouri and I think y’all talk funny .


Missouri? Isn’t that in Canada? :canada: Lmao


No it is where God put heaven on earth. At least the part below inter state 70 .




no its lopu ahh


Well I’m from tha south, don’t know much about all dem words.

All I ever heard is how I said em, until bein around some well spoken gun aficionados.

Franchi always heard frenchee
Sig Sauer was sig sawyer