What brand of AR15 mags do you use?


What mag(s) do you prefer for your AR15? Theres Magpul pmags, Troy Battle mags, HK ,Lancer, Hexmags, Gi aluminum mags and a bunch more, which ones hold up the best? Which ones are the most problematic?


I’ve got p mags & steel mags . 30 p mags loaded up in the safe& 10 steel mags. I’ve not had issues yet. Shot some that were loaded for 6 years & NO issues.

  1. D&H aluminum
  2. C products blackened stainless steel
  3. Okay industry’s aluminum
  4. Adventure line if you can find them


What brand of steel mags?


Bushmaster. 30rnds & some 20rnds. I use the 20 round mags when I go ground hog hunting because their just short enough to use with my caldwell deadshot tripod.


Both of them are magpul that I have so far. I really want some mil surp ones but only for grins. I plan on getting another dozen magpul mags over the next year. Mostly 30 and 40 round mags assuming they don’t get banned.


BCM sells GI mags for the price of magpuls.


I use Magpul almost exclusively now. They tend to hold up better than metal mags when they get dropped on feedlips or take other abusive treatment. I’ve never had any problems with Magpul. If I buy any metal GI mags, I prefer C-Products and D&H.


Surplus GI with MagPul followers
MagPul MOE

All work just fine in the BREN 805.


Magpul is the most popular mag to own,:money_mouth_face: I think. Price/ Quality is the best option to choose.


I second @armoredman on the the GI mags. With the MagPul Followers they are very reliable for the price.


gunmagwarehouse.com has 10 pack of Pmags for $89.99…they usually have very good deals on about any magazine made…


3rd generation Pmags


GI Aluminum
Daniel Defense

Started out using the GI Aluminum mags with the Magpul followers from Brownells. Tried a P-Mag, but due to a tightness issue with one of my lowers… I stopped buying them. Otherwise, functionally, it runs flawlessly. (Traded it to a friend and he is still running it. After that, I bought a few of the Daniel Defense 32-round poly mags.Ran perfectly even when loaded to the max. Lastly, I have been trying out some Lancer hybrids. So far, I am liking the steel feed lips with the polymer body. Haven’t abused it too much yet… but so far, running great!

All but one of the GI mags have performed perfectly. The one that didn’t was an assembly error. Readily fixed and is now running as perfect as the others.


My old Colt 45 taught me this… drop a mag and its done. I love the pmags.


Lancer, hands down. FN or HK made STANAG mags are also good to go and hold up far better than Pmags. Pmags are overrated and the feed lips will eventually crack. I don’t care for ‘em.


Thats weird, ive heard from multiple instructors that they prefer PMAGS to GI mags because its supposedly easier to tell when the feedlip is toast, the Pmag cracks and the GI mag just bends and makes diagnosing an isdue more of A PITA. A friend of mine says only one Pmag gave him issues when he was across seas and that most last at least a couple years and over 10k worth of rounds. I dont think they are worth it anymore with prices the way they are though. Used to be you could find $7 pmags now they are closer to $12. With these nicer gi mags is longetivity significantly better? I like the looks of the HK ones but not for $40+ a mag. Well that and I dont like HK. Would the Lancers last longer then the gi mags?


Eventually the feed lips crack. There is a reason Lancer mags use steel reinforced ones. Then again, mags weren’t designed to last forever. You need to periodically replace them.


Do lancers last longer then good gi mags or the HK steel ones?


They are the best AR-15 magazines on the planet, hands down the benchmark.