What can I do when social media censor me?

I’m not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this, I am open to anyone’s advice of where the correct place to put it is. But here goes:

I am trying to advertise my folding knife design, which is on shape ways, on Pinterest. I just want to put an ad and promote the ad on my Pinterest page. But I was denied because weapons and other things that could “cause harm“ are forbidden, at least for ads.

So I was denied. It’s a 2 inch folding knife for crying out loud. I can put the screenshot of the rejection email if you like, but I’m just wondering do I have any legal recourse? Or I basically don’t have complete free speech there because it’s a private company, and so private companies that host speech online are not required to give us free speech rights.

If the liberal political angry mobs can pressure intimidate and force all the Internet companies to blacklist and ban conservatives from even advertising anything, then of course they can put us out of business.

What can we do, is there another place I can go? What can I do? I am trying to start my own little business from scratch. This is very difficult if I have to get the door slammed in my face.


the problem is the site you were on is “private” and you most likely signed or aggreed to a contract that was not in your best interest.

We have a area that most likely would welcome your work - post away

And while I am at it, I know you have been around before but maybe a few words in the introduction,
Just use this link and start an introduction topic let the rest get to know you.


@Harambe1 when you do your intro please explain the avatar :sunglasses:

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I just put my introduction in. Just Now. I thought I had done it I guess I didn’t. But now I have for sure.


Drop Pintrest and post it on a sporting classifieds.


I certainly won’t be trying to do business on their platform. Not anymore. What sporting classifieds would you recommend? My dream would be to get my products into a sporting magazine. And go from there.


You won’t do any better on facebook, twitter, instagram, or and other anti-social-media site.

Best you can do is post it in groups on facebook,