What do you do for a living


I am a supervisor for a manufacture in Missouri. I cover production and maintenance.


Project Manager in marketing / market research.


Customer support engineer for a major disk drive company.


I’m a web developer full time right now. My job involves development, project management, website strategy consulting, SEO, data analysis, and conversion optimization.

Though I am hoping to eventually transition full time into the firearms world through Locked Back in the future.


My father was a tool maker for 41 years .


Sweet! Can you make and sell me a claw hammer with some pro-2A slogan on it? :wink:


WD or Seagate?




That would be pretty awesome.


I am an AK owner. Therefore I am jobless, and just own a hammer an AK and drink vodka. Homeless too.


And wear adidas right?


Some times you just have to pop a squat!


Samsung, Hitachi or … some Chinese brand?


I’m retired, so I kind of do this.


Are you serious? Really? I don’t think it’s that obscure? Here’s a hint:

By the way there’s only 3, Hitachi and Samsung are gone from the industry. Seagate bought Samsung, WD bought Hitachi(actually Toshiba got a piece too), and Toshiba bought Fujitsu.

Toshiba isn’t big on Marketing, but we’re a major player.




Send me one of those. Only have 2tb on my studio computer, and I’ll fill that too fast.


part time Mechanical Engineer in the firearms industry and retired.


SHIT!! I completely forgot about Toshiba. :slight_smile: Toshiba’s are nice but had too many fail years ago when I built workstations. Perhaps that build quality has changed, who knows. I do find it interesting that Seagate bought Samsung considering Samsung is a much larger company. Perhaps they wanted out of that space–either way both of those are/were my go-to brands. I have heard about Hitachi a while ago, I guess I forgot which is ok because I hated Deskstar and Travelstar HDDs. But I digress…


retired Systems Analyst - financial services industry