What do you do with live ammo you can't fire?

Hello all,

I just watched the MAC SAR 9 pistol vid on youtube. And one of the malfunctions it had, was a double feed.

I’ve seen else ware, that if a malfunction were to press a bullet into the casing (like what looked like happened in that video), it creates a dangerous pressure issue. Where firing the bullet, would make it so the pressure build up was too great in the case, and could just explode a handgun.

So my question is, what do you do with ammo like that?

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Does it create dangerous pressure?

No added powder.

Not pressing on rifling.

Might be a feed issue; but I don’t see why the pressure would increase.

Too little powder and a lot of airspace in a case will, in some cartridges, cause a spike in pressure.

If you are worried pull the bullet (kinetic or collet puller) and reseat.


I use a bullet hammer and separate the components of the cartridge.


Send all unused ammo to the Demrats in Washington

I disassemble it and use what I can. The bullet can be melted down and the jacket skimmed off, the powder is slow release high N2 fertilizer. I can reload the case.

Stumpkiller, yes firing a cartridge like that can result in huge pressure excursions and destroy the firearm and parts of ones anatomy.


So just sprinkle in the garden huh :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or if I get enough of it, put it on a boulder, light it and enjoy the short lived 20’ high pillar of flame.