What do you think about this safe?


I found an older browning pro steel 23 gun safe on Facebook. $500 and it’s mine. Has the 1400 degree 45 min rating no extra shelves or anything. What do you all think? Is this a good deal? I don’t know much about the browning other than it was bought at Bass Pro.


Especially because I can get a liberty of the same size delivered and installed for 1200


Seems like a good deal.


The only question I have is where did the drywall bords (gypsum) come from?
Some Chinese manufacturers use a dry wall board that when it out gasses over time the gasses can cause blued and some park finishes to rust.
That would be my biggest concern.


I’ve bought two Winchester safes with the same temp and duration rating for $500 each brand new.


I use a closet lol.


Did pick this up at a loves truck stop for $30 on clearance. Keep your eyes open everywhere.


I’ve been using the closet but my two-year-old is starting to get a bit more curious and it’s making my liberal wife nervous


And they look like this!


Looks a lot like mine, just mine is bigger.


I would say it depends on the thickness of the steel used to manufacture the safe. if it is a thick gauge steel, it sounds like a great deal, paper thin guage steel maybe not so much


My safes are in a large walk in closet. My future project is coming up with a plan to remodel the room with fire board & steel door. A room within a room. The best hidden safe is one no one knows is even there.


Believe it’s 12 Ga.


This isn’t a slight on anyone but it s a firearm owners responsibility to secure his weapons

Any safe is better than no safe gentleman


Yes they do.


Most safes use 14 to 11 gauge steel . No matter what gauge it is a determined thief with an angle grinder can get into them .


The safes are rated similarly, I am guessing but it seems most grade safes are made by the same guys?


This is made by prosteel


I had an old wooden case with a glass front and added a padlock . I used it for years but then got thinking, two guns cost more than a decent safe , so I went ahead and brought the metal safe. Very glad I did.


A cop told me that safes are rarely cut open in the residence because the process is too noisy and time-consuming. In most cases, the whole safe is stolen and cut open later. It makes sense. If two or three guys can move a safe in, then two or three guys could move it out just as easily.

Bolt them down folks…or fill them with lead. :wink: