What does everyone do besides shooting?


I am about to hit the dragstrip for the weekend and thought it would interesting to see what everyone else does when they are not looking through sights. I drag race. Actually, I’m crew chief. I don’t drive, I tune.

Last year when the new engine went boom!

Back together and ready to go

Left to right… Me, my daughter Rylee, Raul, Jeff (owner and driver), Ashley (mechanic), Tyler


Well, I’m retired, so I don’t actually do anything.


Hmmm, my day job is auto electric, I completely rebuild alternators, starters and generators. What little time I’m not working is consumed with shooting, hunting, or something weapons related. Occasionally sleeping, or being molested by my much younger southern bell…:slight_smile:


The guy who taught me to handload is retired. He freaking loves it! I’ve only got 40 years to go :wink:


Totally awesome! I’m jealous, every Sunday as a small boy my father would take me to Union Grove, smoking smoking Sunday!!! Funny Car, I can still :nose:the burnt rubber.
All right guys, don’t laugh too hard.
I breed exotic crayfish!


I do photography in my spair time for fun when I’m not shooting or handloading. I play some ps4 on weekends I guess as well. Hoping to do some more firearm related photo stuff this summer. Honestly thats pretty much all I got going on! Flickr Link


I just busted a rib laughing. My wife did as well…till she saw them. I never throught I would say this to anyone: Nice crayfish sir! Well done! :clap:


Thank you very much, it’s taken me 12 years to get my breeding program where it’s at now.


12 years? Wow! Thats pretty cool… I have never met anyone who does that before. You breed and sell? Or keep as pets?


Ride when I can. Weather permitting of course.


Of all the things I never thought I would do, I’m a stay at home Dad to a 7yr old girl and a 1 1/2yr old boy. Every waking moment is devoted to making sure the boy doesn’t self destruct. If he’s not trying to tackle the tv or raid the fireplace he’s wedging himself into small areas, throwing tantrums, or just generally trying to injure himself. My time for other hobbies is very limited.

My Mom asked me once “what’s harder, being deployed in the military or being a parent?” Being a parent. Hands down.


Retired. So, I take care of my young son.

My wife still works (she is a bit younger than me).

I also do investing and travel some.


Don’t hate but I pay my bills by working at for the local tax collectors office and send CW applications to the Department of Agriculture as part of the job. If I have spare time I like to kayak,canoe, and camp.


MMA trainings to stay fit.


People ask me what I do for fun. Usually it’s “uhh, does deadlifting count?” I’m usually in the gym 5 times a week. It’s not for everyone, but I find meditation within the grind.


In all seriousness, I do still instruct martial arts. Been doing it for over 30 years.



Which martial art(s) do you teach?

I am a big fan of MMA. Have taken Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Jiu Jit Su. Love watching UFC matches.


So many different ones, TKD is what I mainly teach, but as they get higher in belts I mix it up. I joke that I have my own style called DanKito. It cuts back on the TKD, simply too many kicks for my my liking, adds in a lot of Aikido, Hapkito, mo tie, and judo.


I like to add in knees and elbows. We have more options than just hands and feet, why limit ourselves. In a street fight, no one wins. The best one can hope for is to be hurt less than the other guy.


Use what’s available.