What does everyone do besides shooting?


They might not want their coffee served outside.


When you get time, head over to the man’s best friend post. We’d love to see pics of your puppies!


Eclipse viewing.


AM “job” Ocean swim.

Or shark bait.


I may be old, sick, and can hardly walk anymore, but I still know the moves. Master instructor at testing. Notice my slightly less scary cane leaning against the wall?




Well I just bought a house. I’ve been tearing up the floor so I can install new stuff. I’ll be out of pocket for awhile. Fun times!!!


Photography and Gun Writing…


Thank you, Tactical_Reviews, for being an inspiration to us all, especially us older guys. You are still being active doing what you enjoy, despite your lesser health.

We should all take note of your positive approach.


You’re NEVER too old to do what you love!!


Theres some guys doing 10-20 that may disagree


LOL, marriage??


LOL, sure, we’ll go with your answer :grin:


32 years and counting for me!!


36 for us . And we went crappie fishing today.


See…now theres a special love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


#2 is a “good earner”. BUT also like a Soprano is unstable.
They all are… it’s comes down to just how much. :roll_eyes:


Freight relocation specialist. I drive a truck.


I take this

Make a lot of this

And get this out of it!


Looks great :smirk: