What does everyone do besides shooting?


I made this today. It’s a pencil case for my grandson. Digitized the Pikachu myself. Yes I know I could’ve bought it, but I wanted the practice. Learned a lot actually.


Great work!:slight_smile:


I see full 30 Christmas stockings with 1911’s on them in the future!:slight_smile:


Is that completely stitched in?


What do you mean? It’s all stitched and then sewn together, lined too.


I think that Robert is asking is the Pikachu logo all stitching, or an emblem stitched onto the fabric. but I could be wrong, believe it or not that has happened once or twice throughout my lifetime.(twice, 2 ex wives)



And the fact they are X’s makes up for the wrong…right?


I should’ve recorded it. The design is stitched onto a panel of fabric and then that panel is used as the bottom piece of the pencil case.


I am also partial funder and forced part time model for my wifes crochet projects.




To my knowledge you can use the community channel to put up a video and link it here

no guarantees


You don’t appear to be in any pain… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice looking stuff :+1:


Of course im not in pain…i comply lol




:joy::rofl::joy: I seriously don’t think watching an embroidery machine is on the approved subject matter list for this site.


We’ve seen “balls” hang from the accessory rail of a glock, so why not??


Nice :+1:


If you are really interested, I put a short video up on You Tube showing how it sews out. I compressed it considerably in an attempt to not bore you to tears.


That was pretty neat! @EQuinn


good thing you didn’t print a gun cause that would have been illegal and even more illegal at superspeed.


Well that was very kind, thats what I asked was if it was all stitched, I can only imagine the price of that machine, does Mark know?..

Speaking of bringing someone to tears, I watched that then was chatting with the Mrs…then looked back at the screen and this is what I read/saw :joy::joy: