What does everyone do besides shooting?


I bet you can’t. And yes… I know.


Just remember, happy wife, happy life!


Well I’d say you’re green lit to go



With my job, being a pastor and a grandfather, I don’t get much free time. However when I do and I’m not doing something with fire arms. I like to piddle in the garage and make stuff like this.

image image image image



Very nice!


Is that a hollow point or a ball point? :sunglasses:




You have a gift!


Oh my gosh the owls are so cute!

You’re a good sport too!


I work at a cemetery and I’m an artist.



Thanks for helping people at end of life.

What kind of art do you do?


Mostly comic book styled illustration but I’ve done some designs for signs,tattoos,business logos, You can find my work on deviantart under the same user name.


cool, thanks lionsbrew



needs a 1911 in his other paw…


That was drawn on ms paint with a mouse.XD


I’m on to laying floor in my house after an illness that’s taken me out for over a week.

Gave me a chance to rest and watch the deer in the back yard though


Hope you feel much better soon, ThisOldGun.

Good luck with the flooring.


I used to be a professional photographer for a few years in skateboarding I haven’t picked one up in a while but maybe I should

I also have a skatepark in my backyard


Pretty cool stuff, I’m a bit envious I’m sure its fun :sunglasses:


It is not so much as I get older