What does everyone do besides shooting?


Riding my RoadKing of course.

When my sons visit then it’s hiking time.

Fishing when possible, this was down in Florida.

Working on the basement finish, especially the future bar.

My little helper.

Teaching the niece some basic woodworking and framing.

Of course that also means spending time teaching her how to hunt.

Raising chickens.

Of course that means chickens everywhere.

Brewing some beer.

Finished product bottled and ready for aging.


@RetPara this is a awesome life cheers to you


Address please :hugs:


Cheers to also.


If you’re ever in West by God Virginia PM me. Happy to have you over.


I lived in Berkley county for 8 months while I was in high school
Wild and wonderful


It’s a lifetime away from me, but I like the idea of that. Even now I don’t have much of a life, but I prefer that to being obligated to doing something I don’t want to do.


Lately, when I am not shooting I am either sleeping or working. :wink:


Is she using a PS90 in that hunting pic?


That’s my Faxon ARAK with the 300BO barrel on it. She was using my 125 grain hand loads that weekend.


@RetPara I’ve been looking at the Faxon ARAK, did you select a second upper with your ARAK.


Retired, but I stay busy. Drive my Vette, chase fish on the Great Lakes and elsewhere. I sit on a bunch of Advisory committees about the Great Lakes on both the State and Federal level. Have done some lobbying at both the State and Federal level about issues related to the Great Lakes fishery, including Asian Carp and Sea Lamprey and other invasive species. Was an elected official in local government for a number of years.


I thought those Lakes were emptied of fish by gill nets?


With the ARAK I went with a single upper and multiple barrels.


That is one very complex issue. I have been studying it for over 20 years and just now am getting an understanding of it. Short answer is no they are not, but…yes they could be if we are not damn careful. And that “we” is complicated by treaties made over 150 years ago. Fishing is still damn good, but it takes a lot of work by a lot of people to keep it that way.


Rechargeable pooch?:rofl:


Very nice! I restored an old Honda CX-500. I mostly hop on the Harley, but the Honda is still fun to ride.


Very nice!


Very late to this thread. I work in IT, and play the video games in my free time. I also host board game nights once a week. And I go out with a group of local introverts on fall walks/dinners/museum trips.

Does anyone want a picture of my original Rasberry Pi, with external power pack? Its alot less interesting then it sounds tbh. but bare circuit boards are always neat.


Board game nights are epic win! I just picked this up: