What does everyone do besides shooting?


nice, have you played it yet?



Not yet!


What console/pc games do you play?


@Mister_Torgue if/when you do, I’d love to hear how it plays. I saw that on think geek myself. And I might pick it up, after the holidays are over.

@Mosinvirus we really don’t have a preference, we play what folks bring. And I bring my meager selection, in case anyone forgets theirs. Though I do prefer games with a sci-fi aesthetic in general.

Edit: As for PC/console games, I like RPGs with a meaningful feeling world (open or otherwise), and I like strategy games. And I definitely prefer a good story over everything else. I do have a switch too, but not many games for it. Zelda is awesome btw, I’m just about to beat it.


I hear RDR2 is pretty good. Lots of people at work taking about it.


327 or 283 ? don’t see them often any more


I’m now disabled / retired and can’t do most of what I used to like doing , due to a ruptured disk and spinal stenosis, can no longer hunt , work on cars, the house, garden, etc., etc., so now I engrave anything metal, guns, knives, m.c. parts, car parts, jewelry , bracelets, art plates, etc., carve miniature ducks , boats, really love restoring old rim fires, dbl. brl. shotguns, especially like bringing old oily stocks back to life, minor gunsmith work, shooting, and love playing Texas hold-em, anything to keep busy that doesn’t put pressure on my back


I try to keep all my fingers!!!

When making custom tooling!!!

5”x1/4 carbide saw at 100 Rpms!
Really makes you focus on the task at hand!


meh, I could a done that :grimacing:


Wow, engraving is another one of the traits I would love to learn in the future.

Do you mind starting threads where you share your engraving projects and tips and tricks?