What does everyone do besides shooting?


nice, have you played it yet?



Not yet!


What console/pc games do you play?


@Mister_Torgue if/when you do, I’d love to hear how it plays. I saw that on think geek myself. And I might pick it up, after the holidays are over.

@Mosinvirus we really don’t have a preference, we play what folks bring. And I bring my meager selection, in case anyone forgets theirs. Though I do prefer games with a sci-fi aesthetic in general.

Edit: As for PC/console games, I like RPGs with a meaningful feeling world (open or otherwise), and I like strategy games. And I definitely prefer a good story over everything else. I do have a switch too, but not many games for it. Zelda is awesome btw, I’m just about to beat it.


I hear RDR2 is pretty good. Lots of people at work taking about it.


327 or 283 ? don’t see them often any more


I’m now disabled / retired and can’t do most of what I used to like doing , due to a ruptured disk and spinal stenosis, can no longer hunt , work on cars, the house, garden, etc., etc., so now I engrave anything metal, guns, knives, m.c. parts, car parts, jewelry , bracelets, art plates, etc., carve miniature ducks , boats, really love restoring old rim fires, dbl. brl. shotguns, especially like bringing old oily stocks back to life, minor gunsmith work, shooting, and love playing Texas hold-em, anything to keep busy that doesn’t put pressure on my back


I try to keep all my fingers!!!

When making custom tooling!!!

5”x1/4 carbide saw at 100 Rpms!
Really makes you focus on the task at hand!


meh, I could a done that :grimacing:


Wow, engraving is another one of the traits I would love to learn in the future.

Do you mind starting threads where you share your engraving projects and tips and tricks?


I started getting into genealogy back in 2000. As I got a little older, I went to family reunions, and was curious how everyone in my large family were related, so I started researching. This lead me to Ancestry.com, my local genealogical library, and eventually to findagrave.com, where I am a contributing member. Even to this day, I am learning new things!


It’s worth to give this tour a try, it’s a hidden treasure of kayaking: http://www.canoeandkayakcentre.com/tours/ The area is pretty nice in general, too.


[quote=“ThisOldGun, post:186, topic:4146, full:true”]
I’ve been getting into genealogy lately. I found out that I have an umpteenth great grandfather who served in the militia during the Revolution, and another who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. I can’t believe I found a picture! [/quote]

That’s incredible!

I’ve actually built a rather extensive family tree, going all the way back to the late 1800’s. Earlier, for my mothers side. I’ve collected the communal family knowledge, and put it all in one spot. And found a bit more besides.

But finding pictures has proven to be incredibly difficult.


that’s neat - I have the father of a 4x great uncle who fought for the losing side before moving to Montreal.


As long as the family tree actually branches out , its all good, right?:joy:


:laughing::laughing:. Yeah it’s those family palm trees that get to be a problem.


That’s hilarious!!!


I attempted to answer @jf89 question on the forum about the CZ 805 using good pictures of them.

… and I realize that it doesn’t matter because he is starting fires in the AK or AR thread…[quote=“jf89, post:641, topic:5503”]
You dont work on AKs, you throw them away and buy a new one. The whole idea behind the AK is that its simple, cheap to make and disposable …like your mom :rofl:

Then I put everything back together and do something productive… I trim my toe nails.


hmmm…so…he ruined it for the rest of us… :thinking::thinking::thinking: