What does everyone do besides shooting?


Dont forget to paint them when you are done… :laughing:

The AK vs AR thread is NOT the place for productivity, its a vile ,nasty place for trolling. Maybe I should put a disclaimer in the op for sensitive folks.


Cool pics though, have you had to disassemble the 805s BCG yet?


I also am into genealogy. I was stumped for a long time on my grandfathers side. His mother died when he was a baby and his father died when he was 8. He never talked about it, so I had very little except a couple last names and the story of how she died. Did a simple google search on both last names and bam. Found it all. All the way back to the 1600’s when my 7th great grandfather was granted land in Maryland from King George. His son fought in the Revolution. I’m also related to Charles Warfield. It’s cool stuff. Oh, and if you’ve seen the movie, “Cold Mountain”, that was based on the diary of one of my great aunts during the Civil War, Mary Pearre.


I am a proud parent… thats what i do in my spare time


Now that is some neat family history @EQuinn!!


@Ablokestwocents It takes up a LOT of time, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. My mom once asked me- ‘what’s harder, being a parent or being in the military?’ I told her being a parent- hands down!!!

He has no idea how many Enfields he gets to inherit one day. :grin:



@ThisOldGun, it’s by far the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. You are right, Parenting is also by far also the hardest thing I’ve been through. Key thing to take from parenting is we as parents are always learning from them…to watch them play is by far most interesting concept, taking playing with pots and pans over expensive toy (like your boy…by the by adorable !!) any day because of all the sensory around them…cheers!


I farm, work, and make videos. Hoping to have a channel here soon.


@GunCraft101 From what I understand here is patience is a virtue…I believe they will be opening up the “flood gates” for all to post soon…cheers!!