What does everyone do besides shooting?


I restore old bikes and ride the hell out of em


Retirement is the best career move I ever made. I highly recommend it.



Yes, but make sure you got your finances in order. When I retired, we went from 2 incomes to 1. Wow! We could immediately (within 1 month), feel the big difference - something to plan for!

And, without the extra money coming in, a lot of things I have wanted to do in retirement - ah, sorry, can’t really afford to do. Ugh!


I know the feeling, we did the same. I’m retired because of my health. But I keep myself busy online. My wife says I’m a professional a$$hole now. I keep telling her I’m a hemorrhoid, I irritate a$$holes, there’s a difference.



Yeah, I retired because of my health, too. And like you, I stay pretty busy (some of which is online).

I will have to remember that a…hole/hemorrhoid job. Probably would apply between my wife and me, too.


I didn’t even know there were “exotic” crayfish. Sounds yummy though. :wink:




If you ever want to step up your game find an MMA gym that trains kids and adults, the sparring is actually less brutal on your body and its more of a workout. Plus your kids will learn some grappling and how to end a fight without really hurting someone. Last gym I went to did two two hour classes a week for kids and trained them from the ground up.


Well after reading all these replies I feel even older. I guess I’m an old school nerd. My latest project was building an old school tube amplifier. Based on the 1970’s Dynaco ST-70.


You said kickboxing so I assumed you meant kickboxing. MMA is pretty legit and worth checking out is all I was saying but it sounds like that gym is pretty legit.


Most kickboxing,boxing,muay thai gyms only teach one fighting style unless its MMA based.


I guess I could add that I do podcasts, about guns and stuff.


Most gyms dont let you spar for at least a couple months, thats actually pretty hardcore. I went and watched a Kyokushin event where they were sparring bareknuckle with face shots then one student broke two baseball bats with his shin. Crazy shit.


I reload! But other than that I like to geocache, even though I have been in a few months. I most of like even more than shooting is playing with my 3 year old boy. Other than that I’m pretty much stuck on reloading and shooting.


The founder was the guy who inspired the "karate bear fighter and “Karate bull fighter” movies. He actually killed animals with his hands and killed a person with a punch in a self defense situation. Scary dude, he trained under Judos founder and earned a 5th dan in that too. In his book he talks of having a student “clean up” the gym after classes which involved picking up lost teeth and wiping up blood.


Same here, TR… Retired, so I don’t do doodly in the Summer (too close to the Sun down here in SW Florida to go outdoors). I did help my sister load her house into a U-Haul This weekend… She gets to move a bit further away from the Sun, into the Mountains of NC.
I’m very happy for her — but I’m a sore puppy today!!


I work on huge 3D jig-saw puzzles with twin turbo engines! Yeah!


Pic of what the destination is of those puzzles please.


It’s boring, just a x5 this time.


I was expecting a hot rod of some kind. BORING! Haha.