What does everyone do besides shooting?


Wow Robert! Is that an old nickelcell block?


No no no Robert it is an aluminum block! Mostly there are aloys in the block as well. Si, Mg, and others, but the reason we call them nickelcell is because that is what they treat the cylinder walls with to withstand the piston rings at high rpm.


I’ve heard of but never been. We race all over Texas and, once a year, go to Bowling Green for the Hot Rod Reunion. Just got back from Funny Car Chaos in Amarillo… http://funnycarchaos.com/index.html

Didn’t have our funny car there. The builder blew up the engine on the dyno. we raced the little Austin with the Altereds and Dragsters instead. We weren’t really fast enough to compete but we held our own while the track was slick. Once the track came around, well… time to drink beer.


Congratulations and welcome home, thanks for your post it brought back a lot of memories for me!


Good lord! I don’t miss that at all. Every once in a while i get tortured with a late model Vette, that everything has to be dropped out the bottom like that.


Looks badass! How does it sound?


We just got an old truck that came with an old Honda in the back. I keep looking at it thinking that would be cool to restore.


Sounds great. Only 35W/channel but more than enough for the pretty large room it’s in. I dug out a lot of my old vinyl and some new hi res digital and it’s like being a kid again. It’s amazing how we’ve gotten so accustomed to low res mp3s and streaming. There’s so much we’ve been missing. Even noticeable with my diminished hearing and tinnitus.


Hemi? That’s like the vacuum tubes in the other post. 1950’s tech.


Nice Chevy motor! Make sure she turns and throw on a Rochester quadrajet on it!


Umm, dont mess with that until you research ALL the numbers. It may be worth $$$$ to a collector.


Here’s my ATV for the back 20.

1956 Ford 640. Flat Head 134 c.i. I got REALLY bored a few winters back and rebuilt & painted a little lawn tractor into a “mini-me”. Last summer the 640 developed a gas leak at the carb and I did a “full” rebuild of all parts. By gum I got it back together AND IT WORKS!

Sometimes it’s a love/hate with her. She bit off the last 1" of my right ring finger, but a nice surgeon was able to reattach it. Whew!


Welcome to the world of Hotrods. Lol


I do a lot more than I actually have time for LOL


What is that? I could get in some serious trouble on that.

Nice work with the paint! That’s gotta be a lot of sanding and buffing without a booth.


I have been known to dabble in decorative ironwork. I didn’t say I was any good, but it’s fun. It’s therapy to me to swing a hammer.


Yep superduke… what a monster. I’ve had 2 R1’s a 2002 and 2010 both impressive but the beast has torque for days…its insane.at 70mph wanna pull the front wheel? 3rd and just roll the throttle…


I raise our food (huge garden and orchard), hunt, fish, and put folks to sleep for surgery (that is how I fund my hobbies). I have been a physician for close to 40 years.


Ah, you’re an Anesthesiologist. I miss growing up with a garden, chickens and pigs. As soon as my daughter is out of high school, I’m headed back to the sticks.


Volunteer Scuba Diver @ Aquarium (Collect Shark teeth)… Yes there are mermaids and Santa lol…