What does everyone do besides shooting?


Not me, how are you supposed to shoot your guns underwater?


ThisOldGun, Simply judging by that photo, I think that’s superb work! Metalwork is something I’ve missed doing since my father passed away. He had a huge machine shop and also a commercial electronics repair shop. I was offered all of his tools when he left us, but because I had no room for any of it, I decided to sell it all and shared the proceeds with the rest of the surviving family.
Good times, though. We wrenched on old tractors, RV’s and car haulers out there… We got into fights (both real, and play). We got drunk and talked politics until we could no longer stand up…
But NEVER all on the same day. :wink:


I will be 62 and retiring in 2 months. So I plan on riding my Harley a lot more.

I also have been involved in photography for many years. I plan on doing more wildlife photography as the years go by.



Oh my wife and I also love doing this.


Today I did some painting in the studio.


Looks great!!! Well done


Now that looks good! I can’t wait to see some of your collection hung back up against that background.



Might try a Glock with the special recoil spring that allows the gun to be fired under water…


Ya, I got oil based paint. I’m going to be careful any time I move something.

Thanks, I’ll be checking it today, hope to get stuff back up.



No no im ok, border agents or shark fighters might use that stuff but I have no need for it.


I finished painting and put my babies back where they belong, on the studio wall of freedom and all around awesomeness.


@Tactical_Reviews, That is one Sharp looking studio, very nice!


Thats an expensive wall.


I wish it was my wall!


Absofuckinglutly I did!:slight_smile:


He told A certain relative of yours, but she is going to be jumping out of a birthday cake for him later ,as a gift.


It was funny, your mom even giggled from inside the cake then I had to tell her to pipe down.


They’re all black. You need some “Hello Kitty” or the equivalent flat dark earth camo to liven them up.


I don’t know if anyone has used a Cricut, but you can cut vinyl, paper, stickers, etc. I commandeered it from the wife and made custom ammo can stencils.



Nice catch on the deer. I have a couple pics of some really tiny little guys (still have spots) but it was through the windshield of my car with my phone. Hardly quality prints. lol
Photography is friggin hard. Anybody can snap a pic but, to get the right shot, it’s a hell of a lot of work. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: