What does everyone do besides shooting?


I see you have installed the liberal “less lethal” kit to your evil assault rifle, thus making it cute, cuddly, and harmless. Thank God it no longer has the full auto capability to randomly kill innocents all on its own. You sir are a saint!


This is a new fish tank I set up in my war room @79 gallon bowfront. It will not be used for breeding crayfish, it houses one ZZ flowerhorn cichlid, he’s in there you just can’t see him he’s hiding behind the pirate ship.


Just spent three days with my son trying to fix the podcast computer.

It started with the computer not wanting to boot up after it crashed, didn’t even get to bios. I removed cards until it got to bios. It was one of the video card. It would boot up with the other card. So I went and got a new video card and a new copy of windows10.

We put in new video card, recognize the new card. Hmm, bad card? Go back and exchange it. Same problem. After much swapping and head scratching, all we could come up with was a bad motherboard. We even updated the bios.

Today we picked up a new MB and got everything transferred. Now just to get everything to talk to each other.


Are you going to shoot it with that revolver?


Looking good @Robert. Looks like your wife was trying out colors?


My wife had six different colors on the inside of the house before we settled on ‘agreeable grey’. Looks good and to heck with those neighbors unless you’re part of an HOA I guess. I hate HOAs.


Never done one either. Aside from my stint in Jersey I’ve always lived outside corporation limits with enough land to shoot on.


My house is in an HOA and let me tell you - what a PITA it is!

On top of that, of course, the HOA costs money, too!

So, you pay to be harassed!

I would never again live in a house with an HOA.

Enjoy your freedom!


Sorry to hear you’re behind enemy lines there brother. Get out if you can is all I can say.


I hear ya. As soon as my daughter is out of school, I’m done with this neighborhood HOA crap! What a friggin scam!


Good luck on your upcoming move, KeithP.

I want to move, too, but need to fix my house up, first. Will be a while!


Oh, i have another 4 years. Counting down the days though. Neighborhoods are like apartment complexes with lawns.


Sounds like it, ive always like living out in the sticks. Outside of inbreeders its damn near/was perfect.


Well, its when one cousin loves another cousin and they become one. Theres a plus side to this because your kids get an extra chromosome and more is always better. Be best.


Hot rod micro chip batteries!! Photos not in order.

Building a new Gaming Rig or Buying a Gaming Laptop?

When I am not working, and not at the range, I restore, build 1911s or clean guns.
I can post a few pictures of my work on guns, but that is not what this thread is about…

Outside of that I still like to work with my hands.

Built a wall of cabinets including a gun cabinet in the center:

Picking up some leatherworking:

Used to sculpt a little:


I’ve been told I’m a good cook.


I have a small brisket in the smoker right now, going to pull it out to rest for an hour soon.


@Tactical_Reviews don’t be alarmed! I’m coming over to eat…lol


Dude, I need to pay you to do that shit when we move to the country. That looks amazing.