What does everyone do besides shooting?


Just put it in the smoker.

After 6.5 hours, it’s time to rest. My last brisket spent 19 hours in the smoker, but was 4X larger.

After an hour in the cooler it will come out to be cut and served.



@Tactical_Reviews, if there’s any kind of full30 gathering ever you can definitely be the chef in charge of catering!


Are you A fan of Neagan?


My boss raises Black Angus. We annually buy a 1/2 or 1/4 (depending how the deer season went).

And I have a little Char-Broil offset smoker.

Did a brisket last weekend with nothing but a rub of ground black pepper, sea salt and dried garlic. Hardwood chunk charcoal and some apple wood I had collected off the property and soaked 24 hours before adding to the firebox.

MAN was that good. No BBQ sauce needed.


Hi, new here. Besides being a full time engineer I also like sewing, knitting, and other fun crafts. Currently working on some summer tops that work for concealment. It’s not so easy for us bigger ladies so I’m making my own.


Hi EQuinn

Welcome to Full30.

Hope you enjoy it here. Any questions, I can help or any of the other “Regulars” (especially) that could help answer any gun, gun accessories, and/or ammo, questions. The “Regulars” are just that - people that come here (and have come here) regularly for a while (months). But, there are also some great people here that have not yet earned that title (or choose not to use it once earned). Pretty much open discussion, but by topic (as listed in the thread title).


Thanks. I have it on good authority that this is a good group. But maybe lacking some input from the female persuasion. I hope I can offer the same as I get out of it.


I agree - good group overall.

I started a thread called “Ladies with Guns” intended to help make ladies feel more welcome here. Some ladies have posted there. There are also some threads that were started by ladies.

Looking forward to your input to our threads - for ladies and for all.


Glad to have you here. We’re a good group of people.


I’m a owner and operator of two different business currently.

One is a lawn care & snow removal business and the other is an independent technical contractor & consultant.

I started the lawn care business back in 2008 when my two sons were just teenagers and needed to learn how to make money for themselves.

I started my other business after I left corporate America of 10 years back in 2000. I’ve traveled plenty all throughout the country doing a variety of different projects within all kinds of technical industries. I’m a network engineer by trade professionally and so is my wife.

Our two boys are now off on their own in college and my wife and I are in the very early process of building our new dream house where we’ll be living out the rest of days, Still going strong and hope to retire in about 10 years.

Built my 96 F350 460 cu.in. 4x4 Snow Removal Pickup back in 2009 and still have & use today.

My 01 F250 7.3 Diesel Turbo & 17’ trailer outfit for lawn care.

I also do plenty of wood work both at home and as a service for my clients.

A couple of photos where I’ve done installs for both movie theaters and data centers throughout the country. These particular photos include locations in N.J. and other is in Omaha, Nebraska.


I’ve been spending my morning organizing my father in-law’s civil war bullet collection his dad dug near Chattanooga. Lots of cool stuff.


Last weekend was a tough race weekend. Went to Oklahoma only to get rained out so we all loaded up and went to Denton.


598 CI. 1500 horsepower, NA, Alcohol injected.
We run a no electronics class. We get a trans brake and that’s it.


This is our Funny Car. I should be putting the engine in it by next week. It’s a supercharged, alcohol injected BBC. Supposed to be in the neighborhood of 2500 HP.


I use to be on a team we had a Keith black 540 aluminum blown, meth injected camaro. On our last run we bent the rods, crank, burnt most of the valves, and cracked the block… yeah we stopped racing after that catastrophe. Quick question for a fellow meth runner. Are you running your block “ water jackets” on a full fill or half fill? We ran 3/4 fill in our water jackets.


Yikes! Sounds like it lifted the heads and everything went south from there. We don’t have any block fill. Although, the engine builder did miss the tune on the dyno and do the same thing to the Funny Car engine.


That sucks about the tune. We just swapped out the injection pills going on the amount of frost buildup on the intake, and we had not one single sponsor, so all that money went down the drain when the motor went south.
This was all about 16 years ago.


We have a really good data logger. Once the engine is in the car, I can see what’s going on. EGTs and AFRs are a Godsend.


I’ve been getting into genealogy lately. I found out that I have an umpteenth great grandfather who served in the militia during the Revolution, and another who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. I can’t believe I found a picture!