What does everyone do besides shooting?


That’s awesome! I remember my grandmother telling me we were related to Sammy Davis Jr. I always thought she was just crazy. My sister did the family tree thing and, sure enough, were related to the Davis family. I guess that makes me Black Irish? Lol


We got our Funny Car engine today. Not sure how much HP it makes. It blew through the dyno at over 1700 at a little past half throttle. It’s projected to be well over 2K.


I must be boring! I love to read, work in our church, and spend time with family and friends. My wife is my best friend and she likes to shoot. Forgot we also travel somewhere at least twice a year.


You’re living the dream, my man. I love drag racing but some days i would kill for boring.


Import race car stuff too!


That looks like some serious road race stuff. I love Hondas. Just wish they made them bigger and with 4 more cylinders :yum:


Believe it or not that is a mugen crx frame. Mugen made 9 frames “in Wisconsin” and this one is number 4. Extremely rare. D16 motor with a 23mm restriction plate on it so it can run scca class. Weight is less than 2000 lbs wet with driver, and has a hand lever for an adjustable rear sway bar. Low sway limit till the tires warm up then you can turn it up to 350 lbs of resistance, and adjust it as you race. It’s a buddy’s dads car, just doing an alignment to it.


Thats a lot of work aligning something like that. I only have to worry about the first 60’. Our front wheels are in the air. Hahaha


I do IT Security Work (Cyber Security although I hate that term) as a full time job and am a Type 1 FFL on the nights and weekends. And when I am not doing those two, I do some content creation and work on my www.trb.fyi website (yes that was a shameless plug. Sorry couldn’t resist it).

I do love working with my hands though. After banging away at a keyboard all day I do like to do some constructive things with my hands. I made this out of some range brass and leftover copper wire for my wife.


Thats awesome, great job!


Thanks. It is a 22lr shell inside a 25, inside a 32, inside a 380, inside a 9mm. inside a 40 inside a 45acp. Funny thing… it is all calibers that she shoots (actually shells that she shot).


I am a line clearance trimmer and also a commercial fisherman.


ZEKESHOOTS, What’s the fish you’re holding a sturgeon?


This site isn’t exactly phone friendly.

Nice work on the brass rose :sunglasses:


Hell yeah, I’m all about some badass recipes


What do you mean “relate to guns”? Food makes it to the table from the end of a rifle :wink:


Btw, awesome username


Lake sturgeon. Can’t keep them. But they get huge.


Yeah, I figured thats where it came from :sunglasses: