What does Full30 offer?

Well, compared to other anti-social-media platforms, a lot.

Both the forum and video platforms are owned by, run by, and used by firearms enthusiasts.

Videos here are not flooded with advertisements blocking the video, nor do the ads on the sides and before the video deal with things you have zero interest in, like Russian brides, or saving 15% on your insurance. These are ads related to what you love.

Videos are for the most part, interesting to gun and outdoor people. Not cat videos, or ten million videos of some kid playing roblox.

Forum topics are interesting.

Forum members are friendly, and staff is knowledgeable, and dedicated to welcoming you in.

Lets say you have a video or two you want to share, but no interest in starting a channel and have no interest in supporting other video platforms that delete us gun lovers. Well, we set up a Full30 community channel, https://www.full30.com/channels/full30forumcommunity?u=tactical_reviews We can upload it for you to share all you want without fear of having it deleted or supporting those unwilling to support us.

And now our newest project is taking off. Ever wanted to have your own podcast? Well, all Full30 content creators and forum members can do their own show as my co-host. That’s right, you connect with audio or video and you can run your own show. Your show name, topic, push your blog, or product. Or just something to get your feet wet to start your own show.

That’s right, Full30 has so much to offer with many other things in the works. Name one site that does that much for it’s members.


I love seeing all the avenue’s of promotion and connectivity that full30 offers. Big thanks for all you do here!