What guns are on everyone's "To Purchase List" - why those guns?


I try to keep my collection lean, focusing on quality over quantity, as well as trying to have as many similar calibers as possible.

My next purchase is going to be a new competition pistol - looks like it’s gonna end up being a P320 that I upgrade. Still in research mode, but I’m really digging the concept of getting 3 different slides, red dot 9mm, irons 9mm, and irons .40cal - and swap them out depending on the competition format and desired division.

After that I plan on getting a pinned 14.5" AR-15 upper with low magnification variable optic to balance out my large/heavy 18" competition upper with the US Optics 1-8. I’ve got a parts list planned out that I’m pretty excited about. Currently leaning towards a Leupold scope to take advantage of how lightweight Leupold scopes get.

I’m also wanting a .22lr revolver for shits and giggles speed loading fun.

After that, I want an AR-10, light weight bolt action .308, and a pistol caliber carbine. Haven’t decided on the specifics or order of those yet though. Knowing me, I’ll spend the next year and a half researching before finally making a purchase.

The pistol caliber carbine will probably end up being before the .308s though - pistol caliber carbine competitions are growing and tons of fun. Also makes for good/cheap rifle training.


I have a few on my list, but none are a “have to buy”. I would like a Browning Hi-Power, and Browning BDA, a Desert Eagle 1911, and an M1A. This is mainly to replace ones I have that I no longer care for.


Currently saving up for a scar 17s, and am in the market for a tokarev.


I’m a hopeless addict so It’s hard to walk into a gun store and not come out with a new gun. I plan on buying a m1a socom 16 this year. Maybe a birthday present to myself.
I also love the suppressed CZ scorpion that MAC has. I’d love to have one similar or build 9mm AR. I have more wants than I have money.


What I’d been planning on was a USPc .45 which I’d been drooling over for at least a good 7yrs.
I’ve had the full size since the USP45 was introduced. Very reliable and so soft shooting that I have used it to teach new shooters.
I just sent off my FFLs cert so I should receive it this week.


CZ scorpion evo braced or SBR just think it would make a great first SBR and possible home defense weapon
VZ 58 always wanted one to add to my AK collection (I know it’s not really an AK variant) almost had one a couple weeks ago but the guy wouldn’t budge from his $1000 he wanted for it used
Swiss K31 for the accuracy and I already have a K1911 Schmidt-Rubin to go with it


Mac aka Tim from the military arms channel.


I don’t know why, but I seem more drawn to older guns, even though I have an AR15 I enjoy shooting. With that said, my wish list includes a few of the following older guns not necessarily in any particular order:

Winchester 1894
Colt Single Action Army or Remington 1875
Swiss K31
1903 or 1917
Ithaca M37 12 ga


What I see around shooters here (Czech Republic).

People usually go for CZ75 variants or Glock17/19 as pistol. Also SIG’s are becomming quite common.
Scorpions (both old and new ones) or UZI as PDW.
SA58, AK variants or recently quite a lot Galil’s AR/SAR/ARM as budget semi-auto rifles.
Czech made AR15 variants as really affordable and good quality in AR15 world or some imported U.S. made ones (Ruger, S&W, DD and so).
Also everybody needs some Mosin-Nagant variant :).


Looking at a few different cz pistols, not sure which one yet…p10c has alot of hype surrounding it and for good reasons it seems but not sure if I want another striker fired plastic fantastic? Really interested in the p07&09. Would love to find a good deal on p01 compact. After that, an arsenal ak is at the top of my list


I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can’t walk into a gun shop and not have a 1911 follow me home.


Ive been looking at the POF Renegade Plus SPR AR15. I love the trigger, the BCG, Barrel and every accessory on it. Also would like a H&K P30L but may have to go with the CZ P-01 Omega. The HK is the best feeling handgun I’ve ever picked up, right there with PPQ but I want a Hammer. CZ feels nearly as good and is $400+ less.


I am quite interested in the new Micro Scorpion from CZ-USA, but the BREN 806 grabs my interest the most IF it ever comes in, with a minor to the CZ P-10C Nitride.


Springfield EMP 4inch in 9mm and any Remington model 14s . One in .35 Remington would be great!


I have my eye on a Ruger Mark 4 Hunter model. Real neat and great looking.
I’m into 22LR (just purchased a Henry Golden Boy and have a Ruger SP 101 revolver.


I pre-ordered an Arsenal Strike B. But really wanting a Knights Armament MK18 w/Allen Engineering M5 suppressor.Very hard to come by. Not like I have the money now anyways…


There are too many to list right now but a few are a Benelli M4 (always wanted a quality shtf type shotgun), a Henry Big Boy All-Weather in .357 (never owned a lever action and not hunting so the caliber makes sense for me), and a Glock mag fed AR9mm custom build. With the last, I enjoy building and I like the ability to use the same pistol caliber mags that I already own. No point in buying a new system with proprietary mags or common colt mags that I don’t own anyways.


Right now, I’m interested in building a PCC that is a carbon copy of my 3-Gun rifle. I’d like to try the USPSA PCC division.


Got nice list

  1. A revolver Either Taurus M66 or GP100
  2. Mossberg 590A1 Talo Government or 930 Home security
  3. AR 9
  4. M44 Mosin
  5. Some kind of .308 rifle either AR 10 or bolt action
  6. Some kind of .22 lr pistol or rifle

Why all these cause I don’t have them or used to but feel on hard times & had to sell.


Mossberg M930 JM Pro Series Tactical Class 12G.
Tippmann Arms M4-22 Tactical Rifle.

Top of my 2018 list so far, both quality firearms in my opinion…!