What handgun do you want to see pass in MAC "Gauntlet" videos?

MAC has stated that they will pick up the “Gauntlet” videos when it gets warmer (can’t blame them, I don’t want to stick my hands in freezing cold water and mud). So far he’s done the common mix of handguns - Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, HK VP9, Sig Sauer, and some others.

Are there any guns that you haven’t seen in their “Gauntlet” videos yet that you’re hoping will pass with little to no malfunctions? I’d personally like to see the FN FNS and/or FN FNX series accomplish this goal. I personally think these are some of the most underrated striker fired handguns on the market and get overlooked for no valid reason.

Please correct me if they’ve done the FN FNS or FN FNX - I do not recall nor could I find a video on these firearms. Thanks!


In random order: LH9N MKII, PX4 Storm, P-10C, CQB Tactical LE and Protector in both 45 and 9, USP and P30L in both 9 and 45, Stryk B, 92A3, H9, 97B, and, for the sake of the argument P227.

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M1911A1, FNX-45, M45A1, H&K P30, CZ75B, XD 9 Mod 2, Ruger American.

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I’d like to see how well the Mark 23 would do.

Other than that, perhaps a few other classic military pistols, such as a Makarov and a couple of the older generations CZs.


Mark 23 would be interesting indeed. Speaking of classic military pistols, I’d like to see how the Hi Power MKIII and TT-33 would fare.

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Grand Power K100 :smirk:

That is a nice looking gun, I must say.

Keep in mind guys, I have to buy these guns. :smile:

I plan to do the M9 (or some variation), 1911, various CZ’s including a 75 series and the P10C, XDM (I have to buy one), Stryk B (if I can get one), Ruger American, new M&P (it needs a re-do)…

I might pick-up a Grand Power.

I’ll likely do the Makarov again.

I’ll never put my USMC marked M45A1 through that, it’s uber rare. I don’t even shoot it anymore.


I would definitely like to see the cz p10 c and I would also like to see the beretta px4 storm! I can assure you though, I will watch whichever one you do, they are fun to watch!

JERICHO 941PSL9! IWI has their own torture test video where this gun kicks ass, would love to see it from his unbiased POV


MAC here is the IWI video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3mPcYWuDqA

I know you have done a review on the Jericho in the past so I am hoping you still have it for a torture test! :slight_smile:

You own a P-10C and an LH9N MKII, right? Let’s see what they’re made of, bring it on!

We like spending your money @MAC give the people what they want :wink: LOL

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Just for giggles, try a police trade-in S&W M10 M&P revolver.

I would love to see modified guns that mac has and used to through the test.

The new Sig yeah yeah

Your wish is MAC’s command: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB-aZYy2v2k


Thanks -I didn’t know that was out there

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H&K VP70 would be interesting.

Y U no link to Full30?