what I woke up to


hard to believe in Global Warming


Ick. If it helps any, it’s 67 here, overcast, no wind.


I’m jealous! 87 degrees here!


It was cooking at work today!! Come on coiler weather!


That’s crazy. 44F for me this morning, but I’m not that far from you ether.
Lots of rain lately.


srdiver said: “hard to believe in Global Warming”

That’s why they had to spin the con differently by renaming it “climate change” now it can fit anything!


Lord is that a true statement.


You can keep it!


OUCH! Way to early for that STUFF!


Hi There, @DarkVoid255

Haven’t seen you around before. Either you’re new or haven’t been around in a while. Please stop on over to the Introductions and give us a few words of introduction; how you found us, what you shoot, where you shoot, interests, etc. We will be most welcoming, I assure you.

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Better? You recieved?^^


Yup, works for me :+1:t2:


6 days later!!!

Not that far behind you Brother!