What is an Ex-Marine?


Ha.No such thing.


Ex 59 independent squadron Royal Engineers, not marine but still a commando.


I was at Cherry Point, many years ago… After I got out joined National Guard to be close to home… I was on the Burial Detail at Cherry Point, and laying these warriors to rest was a honor for me.


Like me: Not As Lean But Twice As Mean


Inactive duty marine out of Phoenix, AZ. Alwas looking to meet a brother in arms.


In active Marine here 1980-1984 Aviation Crash Crewman (7051) stationed at MCAS Iwakuni and MCAS Cherry Point. Retired from the Air Force Reserve after 28 years total service. Semper Fi!


Good for him! Wish him the best of luck!! Semper Fi!


The Commandant of the Marine Corps says there is not such thing as an ex-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine is the official USMC personnel policy. The only exception to that in popular useage is if someone was kicked out of the Marines with a less than honorable discharge.