What is parallax and how do I adjust for it


just use the other eye


Thanks for the easy to understand explanation of parallax.
Nicely done.


ok so question??? I have one with a parallax adjuster and the rest don’t have this. As I understood it in the scope manual the parallax adjuster is on the end of the scope and is marked for yardage. I use this rifle to hunt over known distances. Am I good to go by simply adjusting parallax by the the marked yardage on the scope? Sometimes its a manner of seconds when Deer gets in just the right spot for me. I am a bit picky on my shots and have watched them walk since they didn’t give me the shot I wanted.
Sorry for wandering there. Its just I want to move in a minimal manner and adjusting parallax takes time sometimes I just don’t have. So again is it safe to assume factory marks are good to go?

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If you zero the parallax to where you zero the scope, you should be fine. Al this does is line up the visual and retical points.