What is the best affordable non steel armor one can stockpile?


After I build the 10.5 and get the suppressors I need to get some armor.

I really don’t want steel because that anti spalling doesn’t last very long and ceramics also don’t last very long.

Yet once the antispalling fails you get with shrapnel in your body or a pulled in your body.

I’d rather go for the bullet over shrapnel, is there quality affordable ceramics?

In the event of shtf hunters here use calibers greater than what most ceramics can handle.


Check polyethylene, it’s light weight and strong. So light that it will float on water.


large gummy bears

not only defeat .50 but you can eat them too.


I see your humor and saw it but can we be serious? I do have a funny bone.


You could try high-density plastics like HDPE. It is used for cutting boards in commercial kitchens. Strong stuff!



Plates are heavy no doubt, But a piece of shrapnel I will take over the full force of any round…rather be wounded than dead…If you ever get shot so many times the anti-spal coating is no longer effective, you are dead anyway…


If it’s in storage, would ceramic still be an issue? I thought ceramic armor only degraded when exposed to water.


I had the same questions once. I ended up just getting steel myself.
Fiberglass is another option, but I still recommend steel.


I sell 3 types. Vism is made in the USA and they have 3 levels. I will post more later