What is the best sling for my AR?


I have seen a few different sling set ups. The one I saw MAC using in one of his vids looked great. I think it was a Tavor vid. Anyone know the name of that sling or where I can get a few of those?
Thank you.


I don’t know what sling your referring too in MAC’s video. So no help there. But I choose slings depending on what my needs are for that rifle. Are you looking to carry the rifle in a patrol fashion? Or are you carrying a heavy Varmint rifle over your shoulder for a few miles? Are you looking for a sling to use for shooting support? Those are what I consider when choosing a sling.


All good questions, I should have been more specific. I would use the sling for patrol but would also like to use it for shooting support. The sling MAC was using seemed to have a great sliding adjustment that would change the length of the sling very easily and rapidly. The rifle I wish to sling is a Daniel Defense DDM4V7.


Tim uses one of the “Savvy Sniper” slings on most of his AR’s. For 2 point slings, I personally prefer the padded “Viking tactics” sling. Either are very well built and not over priced.


Thank you!! I will look those up


I second CzechsixTV. Don’t look any further.


Thank you! Cool name by the way