What is your favorite ammo company? And why?


This is a question I take a little more serious than most, yet still a valid one. For me there are two companies that stand out of the crowd. One is Metallwerk Elisenhutte GmBH, or MEN for short. The second is Israel Military Industries, or IMI. Both of these ammo manufacturers are very high quality, consistent, and seal/ anneal there brass. What ammo company do you like?




Wooooo great topic. I don’t try my usual humor and say I love and brand who’s ammo goes bang. :wink:

I am rather fond of in no particular order. I’m probably forgetting something…

Winchester (for practice)
Federal (for practice)
Bear Ammunition <-- My favorite


Reloading my own aside, for my center fire rifles, I have always favored federal premium. It always was the most accurate in my rifles of the production ammo I’ve tried. Good, clean outer appearances & seemed to burn clean in the gun. Winchester supreme shot good(not great) but makes gun filthy quick! Shitty powder? Hornaday only for my rifled slug guns, seems the most consistent to me. For my handguns, I have had the best results, both accuracy & reliability, with federal ammo. All my 5.56 ball is federal as well. Over all, I’d have to say federal so far. I have had 45acp Israeli military surplus, it performed quite well. I have not tried the IMI 5.56 yet though.


I am not very picky when it comes to range ammo. I like (in no particular order): S&B; Winchester; Federal; Remington; Aguila; and others.

For defense, my three favorites are: Federal HST; Hornady Critical Defense; and Speer Gold Dot.

For hunting: if I need the extra power - Buffalo Bore and Corbon. Otherwise, same brands as for defense, except the Hornady would change to Critical Duty (when available in desired caliber).

Although, I have heard good things about the DRT and Underwood ammo.


Fiocchi is very good ammo indeed! I like PPU for my odd caliber rifles, but I have noted that the old PPU match made in Taiwan is not good and I will not make that mistake again. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but never again. The PPU made in Serbia is good to go!


I agree the Federal gold medal match works really well in a few of my rifles!


I have been shooting Seller&bellot since I was 10 years old and still use it. The Czech’s have that down to a science!

Quick question: have you ever shot IMI dicut ammo? Some people don’t like it due to “ over penetration”, but you never know what you might have to shoot through. Life is after all a dynamic environment and not a static one. Good food for thought never the less.



I like to carry my guns and ammo separately when I am going to the range. The result is that I carry a lot of ammo (generally 500 rounds or so). Funny thing about S&B, they tend to pack their ammo into smaller boxes. Makes it easier to carry that way. Plus, I have never had any trouble with their ammo. So, S&B (and Fiocchi) are two of my favorite brands to buy for range ammo.


I second your statement! They also burn cleaner than a lot of other brands.


You rang? :cowboy_hat_face:


Favorite ammo company is Hornady!

Why? Because they refused to sell to the tyrant state of NY

Also because I like some of their products for reloading, and although not the best ammo maker in the world they’re always top notch. Always quick to the market with newer cartridges like the 224 valkrie & the 300 blk


That’s awesome. I’ll add Hornady to my list!


PPU for me as well. They make the odd stuff I like to shoot, like 8 x 56R or .303 Brit.




I’ll second Hornady. It’s my go-to if I’m not buying a bulk sale. Quality, reliable, and plenty of choices for what you want. Other than that, just throw me a tuna can of some old russian surplus.


These are three of my favorite.
Why, Terminal Performance!


I forgot you are a fellow 8 x56r shooter!
I absolutely love shooting that cartridge as well especially in the Styer M95. Here is some vintage ammo for you.


What about Double Tap…they have a 450 SMC FOR A .45 ACP…anyone try it? Smc is Small Magnum Cartridge


sounds like good ammo for a HK Mark 23!