What is your favorite character or hero (movie, games, series, books characters ) and which of them do you want to be like?


One of my favorite. Endless energy and an angel character.



And for obvious reasons I would not strive to be more like either :wink:

Still my favorites tho!


In no particular order. I have more but will start here. I’d like to be like the first two of I had to choose.



Lobo hands down.



My top three
Barney Fife - easy going until he smelled trouble

Inugo Montoya - tenacious

Walter Brennen in almost any role he played - steadfast, fair & honest, and a bit grumpy


I don’t strive to be like anyone but I like:

Al from “Deadwood”
Jose Wales
Frank Castle
Walt Kowalski
The main character from “The Darktower” series (forgot name)
The man with no name


I just picture Clint Eastwood when I read it, so it’s hard for me to remember the name.


Roland =Clint Eastwood


I didn’t know he was anti-gun? They had him in a gun rag once with a 1911. Anyways, King said The man with no name was the inspiration for the protagonist in the Dark Tower series.


I wouldve added the preacher to my list but he was too rapey.


I just wanna be Carrie Underwood’s underwear…


Morgan from the A. American home series.


Sam Vimes, chief constable of Ankh-Morpork. (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld).


Holy crap! That should be in the joke thread :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Batman immediately comes to mind. He has no super powers. Just skill and some badass gadgets.

Games… Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. Calm, collected, we can do this the easy way or the way i kill you

Books… Jason Reynolds from Mark Wayne McGinnis Scrapyard Ship series… Yeah, I know its a bad idea, we’re doing it anyway


Frank Castle >Bruce Wayne. He dosnt have super powers but he does use guns.


Bond… James Bond !


Frank Castle would wreck James Bond.


the most important weapon is a Brain :slight_smile:


And training or Stephen Hawking wouldve be able to take out seal team six by himself.