What is your favorite character or hero (movie, games, series, books characters ) and which of them do you want to be like?


Dale is the bomb! Lol



Ripley from my favorite movie Aliens.

Sadly, Sigourney Weaver is a Democrat and supported Obama twice.


Hold my beer while I nerd out a second,
Venom was a villain and dark anti-hero.

Agent Venom is Flash Thompson (Jock who picked on Spider-Man throughout high school)

Flash grows up, matures and joins the army to fight injustices around the world

Ends up being severely injured in an attack (looses both legs below the knees)

Government enlists him into a new super soldier program and gives him the Venom costume, and lets him loose on the world (think Punisher meets Spider-Man meets Captain America)

Even teams up with the Avengers, Dark Avengers (Thunderbolts) and Evens becomes a Space Knight in the Guardians of the Galaxy:


Good to know…I think


Hey the service taught me a lot of things, like 50+% of your fellow soldiers are closeted comic nerds. A lot of of time in combat is fighting boredom a favorite was arguing comics, movies and TV.



The most talented man in the world!!



@LonewolfMcQuade Be careful what you wish for, I found Carrie’s underwear.





@Detonics & @AgentVenom
You both suck! And I know where one of you f****** live!


You racist against cheetahs now?




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Surely not a cartoon character over these two. :sunglasses:


That’s not Wonder Woman, THIS is Wonder Woman.

image https://i.pinimg.com/236x/41/e8/3c/41e83ce00412d3ded5340b09c6bc8361--linda-carter-female-photos.jpg

Lynda Carter for the win! Hell she’s still hot even today.


Maybe Caitlyn Jenner could play the next Wonder woman. Lonewolf would love that :rofl:


Die Troll!:angry:



R. Lee Ermey
God Rest His Patriotic Soul



Josh Randall from Wanted: Dead or Alive.


Yep. And love the mare’s leg.