What motivated you to arm yourself?

Shooting and firearms from the female perspective.
What have you seen, heard, or experienced that made you seriously consider purchasing a firearm for protection. There are so many women out there who have been a victim of a violent crime who have promised to never allow themselves to be a victim again. Share your story with other women.


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Psst Tim, I think she is wanting other women to post. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a specific incident. I was taught to shoot as a kid and liked it. I’ve never met a gun I didn’t like (except Glocks, and there’s some I do like). I just see all the craziness in this world and I refuse to ever be a victim. In a shooting scenario, I know how the cops aren’t there to protect and serve, but to investigate and clean up. I have nothing against the cops, I have respect for what they do. They just aren’t going to be there in time when the shit goes down. You have to take responsibility for your own protection.


Law enforcement isn’t called until after shots are fired… by then it’s too late. It’s time to become our own first line of defense.


Always enjoyed shooting. There was a long stretch where I didn’t have a firearm, but I’ve made up for that.


Not going to be a victim again. I realize we live in the greatest country in the world! I am grateful to God for giving me a home that I can walk my dog at 11 p.m. and be safe doing so. But until Jesus returns evil remains in the heart of man and I can’t afford to hire a 24/7 body guard like our wonderful (heavy sarcasm) politicians.


I’m sure my wife would say me!

I think I’ve scared the hell out of her more than once over the past 24 years.

Trust in the fact we have a very loving relationship, however she’s witnessed my demper in action more than a few times over the decades. Never has my demper been directed towards her. She just happen to be around when I happen to go off. I’m older & wiser now and calmed my butt down, and no I’m not currently medicated. :laughing:

I was the one that got her to get her CCW permit for her own independence & safety regardless who potentially threatens her. And, she’s always loved shooting my guns over the years.

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Wildlife, there are many supportive husbands out there who want to see their wife armed and able to protect herself. What is the possibility of getting her on this forum to share the story from her perspective. After all, this thread is all about women.

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I’ll ask her if she’s interested. It would be a new thing for her. She doesn’t have any other real presents on any type other social media like myself.

So, we’ll see if she interested. I’ll let you know here soon.


I think I was 8 when my dad taught me how to shoot. I always had a good time and learned a respect for guns - along with some pretty good shooting skills. I have always enjoyed shooting, shot handguns, rifles, shotguns and even been in a few competitions - and that was all before the age of 20. I have always been comfortable around guns, and always thought about getting my permit, but never took the time to take the class. My husband always said I should get it, but it was just never a priority. I’m not sure exactly what made me finally do it, maybe an excuse to buy a new gun… lol. I will say though that once I did get it, I made it a habit to carry almost everywhere. My collection of handguns for that purpose has grown, as well as ways to carry them. Absolutely love my Gun Tote’n Mamas handbag! I do feel much safer now when I’m out and about than I did before. I would highly recommend pursuing the permit for any female - as long as they were comfortable with guns - and comfortable with the possibility of having to use it.


That was her response - in her own words and she did type it herself.


Wildlife, ha ha that’s awesome! Thank you for bringing her in and I hope she sets up an account soon so I don’t have to comment to her in the third person! I need a screen name or username so I can talk to her. For now I will call her Mrs Wildlife, ha ha ha. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps women a lot to be introduced to rifles at a young age. It sets so many basic safety skills in your mind that you can use in adulthood when dealing with firearms. It sounds like you have been bitten by the gun bug in all the firearms you have acquired since getting your carry license.

The choice to carry in a purse is a personal one. Many women are comfortable with that, and Gun toten Mamas is an excellent choice in a high quality carry purse.

I hope you continue to watch and participate in this forum. - Maria

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For me, I like on body carry. Too easy for someone to grab a purse or for you to not be with it for whatever reason.


I’ll try to persuade her to join the forum.

Below is a thread that shows how we spent our wedding anniversary last month if you wish to see her in action. She never fails to impress me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My wife carries too. She has belly bans, thigh bans and more, but she does like her purse.

I can’t think of a better way to spend an Anniversary. It’s looks like you two enjoyed yourselves and Mrs Wildlife held her own on the Range. Women tend to naturally be better shots than the guys. I believe it’s because we are patient and attend to all the details before pulling the trigger. Good job, being a supportive husband!

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She pretty much out shoots me with most any handgun, no question about it!

Anything else, I’ll out shoot her all day long. I will say, she’s not big on using any optics. She does prefer open sites. Open site shooting with a rifle, she’s definitely more of a challenge to out shoot.

Her father on occasion stops out and brings his handguns. I usually sit back and watch father & daughter bond shooting each others handguns at targets behind our cabin. You can tell it’s a special time for them.


“What motivated you to arm yourself?”

Creeps, thugs, thieves, and those that would do me and my family harm.

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Moving from New Yorkistan to the free state of Missouri where I can buy what I want and carry without much gov’t intervention. Now my wife has her own just not carrying yet.

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