What not to do with a suppressed AR


Guy comes in looking for a quieter suppressor than what he has (elite irons)
We show him some things, do a few demos. He comes back into test his suppressor against what we recommend… and then it happened.


So he fired about a 1000 round total out of the rifle… about 500 to 600 suppressed, no lube, no restriction on the gas pressure.
Rifle is toasted… the shavings that came out of it were impressive.
This is what not to do… assume you can just thread on a suppressor to any firearm and have it work perfectly.
Oh, and for crying out loud… lube and clean your weapons!


Shit i used to tell everyone in my shop to invest in a adjustable gas block if they are going to run suppressors on their AR. people tend to forget about back pressure caused by the suppressor.


Things like this is why I have a job lmao
I tell people these things all the time and you can see the light upstairs is off
What do you mean it needs lube





But, but, Hollyweird always shows people putting a silencer on a gun and it works fine.


You mean it doesn’t work that way? Oh yea… you need to turn the gun 90 degrees on the bore axis. That’s what I was doing wrong.


Adjustable gas blocks are great for any AR - even unsuppressed.


Sure are! Or the newer adjustable BCG are cool too.
Or go adjustable piston drive.


I haven’t tried and adjustable BCG yet. I’ve heard good things, though it seems like it will increase BCG breakage. Though that’s just my first thought about the concept, I’d imagine they’re designed nicely.

Personally I’m still in the DI over the Piston group. Piston definitely has benefits, but for my purposes, DI’s pros outweigh the cons.

I do want to get a piston gun eventually though.


He must have gotten his ideas about suppressed ARs from a video game.
No lube or other considerations required there.


Sorry last meme…


I thought you were supposed to run an adjustable gas block on suppressed rifles?
Anybody who does not lube their AR regularly is a moron, even without a can I go no more than 500 rounds without lube. Just put an eye drop bottle full of oil in your grip so you always have some ready to go , its not rocket science.


oilwill now and forever be cheaper than metal.


Are pistons preferred for suppressed ARs? Seems like they might have an advantage by keeping it cleaner.



Does that buffer just have two weights? Or was one lost in the Kaboom!


They might. It would keep temps lower and help with evaporation of lube, or cook off.

I’m sure I will catch hell for this answer.

Carbon is the best free dry lube.

Do you hear that?.. Hear it comes!


Im Switzerland on this, I have very little experience with suppressors.


I find that piston drive guns are much better for running suppressed. The rifle that was beaten to death had 2 pieces of tungsten Inc the buffer. Some have one, some have 3.


Yes, suppressed guns usually have an issue with back pressure so they need an adjustment of some kind. Usually a gas block.