What optics do you prefer for a "go-to" rifle ?


My goodness, you and I are almost like opposites. lol. Keeps these forums from getting boring at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you offset your RDS above the red dot? Or do you do the 45 degree offset? The 45 degree offset is pretty good. You can still keep a cheekweld. A lot of people run those 45 degree red dots even with LPVOs. Putting it above the prism removes any cheekweld you might have.


I do not like running it above the optic.
I run it just like this guy does:


I shoot with iron sights about 90% of the time, it is not optimal but I like the challenge of it.


Because of my competition focus, I spend most of my training with what I compete with. I (personally) abide by the “beware the man with one gun” philosophy. I desperately wish I had the time/funds to play around with lots of different stuff, but that isn’t in the cards for my current stage in life.

That being said, I have a Henry Lever .22lr that I keep with irons that I love shooting. I also have a M1 Garand that I’m gonna get ammo for someday. I do also plan on putting a red dot on my 5.45 AK. So I do want to increase my diversity like that, to shoot for the challenge, but that’s for down the line.


I sell stuff and re-buy a lot. I am very indecisive lol its a horrible habit


My firm belief is that the Elcan Spectre is the single greatest, and best thought out, scope ever made. The 1x/4x or 1x/6x, with an iron sight on top, is a complete package in a single setup. The rear objective is large enough to CQB, and the magnification is good enough to engage out to 600 yards. It also works with NV. The added fact that it is built like an Abrams tank is also satisfying.

Being able to instantly switch from 1x to a higher magnification, and not fiddle with all the variables in between makes a LOT of sense to me. All my life I have used 3-9x and 4-12x scopes for hunting. In all that time I can’t think of ever once using a magnification between the minimum and the maximum. You generally zero at maximum magnification, and I leave my scopes at minimum when I’m stalking, so I can bring it up faster on the <100 yard shots.

Adding a heavy magnifier to a red dot is silly. I’ll admit that I was bit by the bug when it was tacticool to do it. I quickly realized that I hated the setup and now I have this silly 3x monocular in my gear box.

I have an extreme long range combat rifle built up. The rifle can shoot around 2000 yards, so it takes advantage of a 5-25x scope. Because is is still a battle rifle, an offset MRDS is used to engage out to 100 yards. No matter how you break this one down, it is an extremely heavy option. The requirement for engaging targets from 25 to 2000 yards was greater than the need for a featherweight system.


The Elcan is a cool optic, its just really spendy for what it is. I really want to see the 1x/6x thing catch on wit other optics though.

Some people really like the set up but it does make more sense with an EOTECH than an RDS.
I do not like shooting an RDS+magnifier out past 100-150 yards though and it is kind of crappy out at 150 yards even.


May I ask what you use the in between for? I can only think of mid-range target engagement when your scanning a lot, but even then, I’d want to focus down on whatever I’m looking at what once I find it.


Target transitions, or scanning the field as you put it.

I have no issues hitting targets with 3x for several hundred yards, so why magnify greater? The greater magnification results in slower scanning without improving my hit rate much at all.

So I’m other words, I can blitz through a field of a dozen targets faster at 3x because I can find them faster, when if I was at 6x or 8x I would be very slow to find them and I wouldn’t be hitting them much faster than 3x.


I like these scenarios where the “SHTF” and you have the luxury to choose.

Right now I have an iron sight pistol in a shoulder holster on me, and a bolt action 3-9X scoped rifle in the same room where I am typing. If I was at work the pistol only. That would like be my only choice 60% of the time (at work, outdoors, away from home).

So, my next step would be whatever I can get to IF I can get to it or pick off the fallen.


Well thats the point of prepping, when I say “shtf” here I mean something like an economic collapse or something a long those lines. If its a more common shtf event like a burglary or anything else along those lines then I see what you are saying.


My choice of the LPVO comes from my years of experience as a predator hunter.

I’ve tried everything else and settled on LPVOs because #1, you never know where your target is going to appear…left, right, near or far. I keep my optic dialed down to the lowest magnification in case my target appears close up and I have to take a quick shot…if I see them farther out, I generally have time to dial up the magnification to take the longer shot.

I’ve also found that taking precision shots with the intent to kill as quickly as possible are virtually impossible (for me) with a red dot unless your target is virtually on top of you.
In my case, I’m not trying to hit an 8” steel plate, or shooting to wound, I want a DRT effect, and that usually requires me putting a round into a 4” or smaller target area at various often unknown distances.

I personally assume that this would be useful in a SHTF scenario and so that’s what goes on all my rifles except for the precision target shooters and plinking guns that get either high mag scopes or red dots.

I also have BUIS on all my hunting rifles. I do this because I’d hate driving 3 hours to a location, hiking 5 miles into the wild, somehow damaging my optic and then having to turn around and go back because I had now have no usable sights on my gun.


If all you have is a iron sight pistol and bolt action with scope then so be it. For some that is all they want and more power to them. For others though it means a mental attitude of preparation and have gear that works best in certain applications. I hunt with a bolt action scoped rifle, shoot comp with a DMR, carry pistols for SD either when out on the town or working the property, keep a selection of military collectibles, and have “go-to” semi-autos for the wife and I in case of the dreaded “SHTF”.

Folks need to remember that a “SHTF” scenario (and this isn’t directed at you) can take many forms. Natural disasters such as weather, seismic, volcanic (which I went through as a 18 year old on my Dad’s ranch when Mount St. Helens blew) or the oft times speculated mass terrorist attacks through EMPs and the such.

Myself, I am a firm believer in being as prepared as possible with hopefully the right tool for the right application. If it means defending the home and property or making it home in a mass exodus scenario where travel by road is basically impossible, then a good semi-auto, magazine fed weapon that has range to it is the top choice just as much as my bolt action scoped hunting rifle is when it comes to putting meat on the table.




I messed up with the poll. Tried to choose both, iron sights (as back-up) and a variable. But once I clicked on iron sights, it wouldn’t let me pick anything else or change my vote.


Irons. Because if SHTF I would not want to worry about batteries because at some point you’ll run out and have to use backup irons anyway. If the target was far enough away to struggle with irons you can retreat thus saving ammo and from being potentially harmed if needed.


Naw, looks good, good work!


I agree, and run the same thing.


I need special precision so it’s this for me: https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-hd Maybe some people would prefer something simpler but I need exact precision in my age. :slight_smile:


Dear Santa,
Trijicon REAP-IR

I’m not greedy. The IRMS-20-2 would be perfect for me.