What optics do you prefer for a "go-to" rifle ?


I do really really really love my Elcan Specter though…


Red dot and irons.


My go to is a 45/70 lever gun, so open sights are all I need.
In fact, inside my toolbox I have only three optics. Wife has a Vortex red/green dot, daughter has a vortex 2-7 both AR mounted, and my long distance calling call has a 10x SWFA SS.


just got back from SHOT, and I see a lot of Holosun optics in my future. Their circle-dot is amazing.


That’s what I’m putting on my new baby.


I have been wondering about Holosun. I usually go with Primary Arms for budget red dots but Holosun’s EOtech clones look neat. Are they on par with Vortex and PA?




I’d say they are on par or better. Holosun makes PA red dots. They always have. They also make the Sig Romeo red dots.


Just FYI. Holosun informed us that the NDA between them and PA had expired. They freely told us that they had been making the red dots for PA for years.

They did not openly say they were making the Sig Romeo sights, but they refused to answer an direct questioning about… gotta love NDA’s!

On a completely different note… have you guys seen the new Sheppard scope lineup? Very affordable FFP scopes… and all made in the :us:USA :us:



Leupold VX Freedom 2-7.

Initially, I was looking at the VX-6 1-6, but, considering what my intended use is, I couldn’t justify spending over $1000 on a scope. I looked at some other 1-6 scopes that were less expensive, but I was disappointed in the quality of the glass. The VX Freedom seems to have some good glass, the 2 power magnification works good for me at close range and it cost less than $200.


I like a low power variable. On 1X you have a very wide FOV and rapid target acquisition. No batteries necessary so you know it will work when you need it to. And you can dial up the magnification for more distance targeting.




The Holosun is doing quite well on customer’s rifles. Price it right too.
I still prefer a 1-4 or 1-6 scope myself. Hahhaha


I got to test the first model. Broke it, sent it back. Never could break a EoTech.


my go to has a red dot and cated irons. Either way in a shtf situation its getting the job done


Ive broke a 512 then they sent it back and it drained batteries faster then a blonde drains a wallet. I love the reticle though , if they could get battery life up a little more I would buy another one.


WoW, I had one mounted on an M1, and the odd six rounds never phased it.


I broke mine in a 2 day 800 round carbine course. It just shut off and wouldnt turn back on. It was rainy and I did treat it like shit both in thst course and doing drop tests and what not on it.


I agree that I personally never broke an eotech… but enough had problems that the entire US military returned theirs. Add to the fact that they have minuscule battery life, are excessively overweight, and still cost a fortune. In the 2019 market, I see 1000 alternatives that provide a product that excels at all the expected features one would look for in an RDS.

EOTech was my favorite optic, up to about 2008 or 2009. They rode that first horse to death and failed to keep up with the market.