What optics do you prefer for a "go-to" rifle ?


I used to run a lot of Eotechs with a flip mount magnifier. Now I am converting to 1-4 or 1-6 scopes with flip up backup sights.
Mainly for the same reasons others have listed… basically have a red dot at close range, but can zoom out n see more at range. Still works if the batteries go dead… costs less over all.
While I still love my Eotech I get tired of replacing batteries.
I am finding that I REALLY love the Elcan… I can buy several Leupold or Trijicon scopes including the American Defense QD mounts for the cost of the Elcan… I have tried Sig Sauer scopes, but quite frankly I find that the over sized turrets interfere with my field of view at close range. I am not going to be spinning the dials with a 1-4 scope… so I do not need the Tacticool look. Good scope though. I just really prefer a second focal plane on a CQ sight than a first. I want to see those cross hairs while up close.


I do really really really love my Elcan Specter though…


Red dot and irons.