What optics do you prefer for a "go-to" rifle ?


The ninjas appear to love them, the approval rating and feedback is pretty positive. I am with you though , the battery life should be better. My Eotech had something faulty in the battery compartment. It could take punishment otherwise ,though.


I do love my Eotechs… but battery life sucks. Even just for a night hunt…
Thus I am converting to 1-4 scopes. If the battery dies, I still have the reticle


A lot of us have better than 20/20 vision so a regular old aim point or eotech provides easy target aqusition without a times 3 optic.


what no love for Aimpoint comp m4/5


I think this all depends on what your range is… in Washington state, 200 yards is a very long shot if you are in the Puget Sound area. In Montana you better be brushed up on where your rifle hits at 400+ yards.


I like them but the tube is kind of big. Ive owned A Sig and DI optics clone of them too. All seem pretty rugged and over built.


I have the Aimpoint, Sig, Vortex, and I have played with the Burris magnifiers and like all of them actually. I am just perfering to run the scopes now, mainly because if I run out of batteries, I still have a working optic and for the most part they are lighter and a simpler setup.


I had an Aimpoint comp M4s…it was excellent. I sold it when I needed cash. It held its value well.
It was a very nice red dot, rugged, awesome battery life. No issues. I just prefer the lpvo and find my use for a red dot is extremely limited to plinking guns and home defense…ymmv.


For me, a red dot, unmagnified.


Ever tried the Eotech vudu 1-6 scopes? Those are pretty cool. The brightness is not the greatest but having an eotech reticle at 1x is nice.


What kind of rds.


I have not owned one but I looked through a few. Hate to say it… but for the money I prefer Leupold!


Really? Im the exact opposite. For the money the Vudu has great glass and a cool reticle, I do not understand why they made it so dim though.

I am still much more of a Iron sight/RDS type of guy in general or I like the 4x (or more) prism scopes with an offset RDS.


Yeah… i prefer Trijicon over the EoTech. The EoTech is well over a grand and the Leupold, Trijicon, Sig Sauer, even the Burris… I prefer. If I am going to spend over a grand on a weapon scope, I will pick up a US Optics before a EoTech… or a Leupold…
While the EoTech is great, I was not impressed with the clarity compared to the price. But maybe that’s because I wear glasses? Not sure. Everyone’s different. Hahahha


I use iron sights more then anything…I know…thats weird .


Not really. Any of my “go to” weapons have iron sights.


Iately my red dot set ups have been 1/3 cowitness but with a fixed front sight mounted on a free float rail with a flip up for the rear.


I have two dots mounted, one is a Sig Sauer Romeo 4, and the other is a Burris Fastfire 3. I don’t like variable magnification optics on fighting rifles. Like you I’m fond of irons, and I’m good with them out to about 400, or where drop overcomes the ability to accurately hold above.


Dont care for ACOGs or other prism scopes?


I believe I stated this before, but it stands to be restated. I am both for and against EO Tech optics. They have always proven to be reliable and accurate, as well as providing an extremely efficient reticle…

Their issue is their extremely anemic battery life and their over inflated price tag.

They provide zero performance or options over competitive tier one optics, and are nearly twice the cost of what some would consider a tier two optic.
(Aside from a long-standing reputation, I believe some of those newer tier two optics can hold their own vs an EOTech. )

Again, let me reiterate, I believe EOTech makes a phenomenal optic… I just think there are better options for the same price, or reasonable options for even lower prices.