What percentage of US population really owns firearms?


As of the time I’m writing this article the US population is about 328 million. (1)

I’m unable to find an accurate number of firearms owners in the US, but about 100 million seems to be the accepted number. This means 30.5% of US citizens legally own a firearm.

But is this an accurate number? Lets take a closer look

We have 2.3 million in prison. (2)
Estimated 3% of US population are convicted felons and not in prisons, 9.8 million. (3)
24% of the US population is under the age of 18, 78.7 million (4)
4.7% of the US population is 90 years or older, 15.4 million (5)

This comes to 106.2 million people that are not of legal age, can not legally poses a firearm, or may be too old to use one. This brings the eligible legal gun owners in the US down to 221.8 million. This now brings the total US population that is eligible to legally own a firearm to 45%

Now take in to account a percentage of firearms owners that do not admit they have firearms and this number moves up a bit. (opinion) In addition, homes that have a firearms owner counts as a single owner. The average number of people per home is 2.7 (8) If we use this to make an estimate of 2 for every one owner, that doubles the number of actual firearms uses to 200 million, or 90% of the eligible legal population have legal access to a firearm within their home.

Total US homes that have a firearm in it is 43% (6) 54.9 million homes
8% of US population are felons, so lets estimate that half, or 4% make a household ineligible to have a firearm within it.
127.6 households in the US (7)
4% of that is 5.1 million.
122.5 million eligible homes.
About 45% of all homes have a firearm in it. That number is likely higher due to many gun owners unwilling to admit they have firearms.

While I backed up much of what I said with links for you to check yourself, much of this is a round guess made with the data available. Some of it was an educated guess. I invite you to make your own calculations with the information available, ad in new data, share your thoughts. If you disagree, than please back up what you have to say with solid data.

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(2) https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/pie2017.html
(3) https://news.uga.edu/total-us-population-with-felony-convictions/
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Did you take into account people with a wall full of guns?

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They can call for it, but Reps control the state. The new Gov is an idiot already calling for all kinds of sweeping gun control measures. It’s going to be a lot of trips to Madison, but Wisconsin is a huge hunting state with over 700k hunters just on opening day of deer season.


So is Oregon yet look what they are pushing for here. The only reason we have survived this long is the amount of hunters that dislike the progressive fairies.


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I hope and are fairly confident that it will get shot down. It is too bad, when I was originally scouting relocation destinations a few years ago Oregon was on our short top 5 list. But that tiny little area in and around Portland just ruins the whole state and it’s politics. Sort of like King County in WA and I25 in Colorado.

I am still REALLY salty about CO…what a complete waste. It is literally perfect for both of us if it wasn’t for it’s politics. But that’s ok, because of this I learned a BUNCH about ID, MT, WY and UT that I did not know. Especially ID, which we fell in love with.


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