What’s the biggest cartridge you shoot, and why?


We all own different tools for different reasons.

My question to you Full30 is what is the biggest caliber you shoot and why?

This question is for both your pistol and rifle!


I hunt with a .44 mag revolver and have a .300 win. Mag and 12 ga.But my go to for deer is my 36 year old .270 in a 700 rem.


All three are great choices for hunting!


44mag ruger super red hawk, 7mm mag, 270wsm for deer hunting


5.56 …because I am a vagina…and it is cheap to shoot and I do not hunt much anymore.

I dont shoot much besides 9mm, .22 lr and 5.56 anymore, tbh.


Now your making me cry. I sold both my 7mm rem mag and ruger super red hawk this year.


You don’t hunt anymore? That sucks. If it makes you feel better it’s been three years for me.


.45 LC for wheelgun (handgun), because —> :cowboy_hat_face:

7.62x54r for rifle because history, noise and power. I love sore shoulders. :wink:


Ha! Very true with a mosin!


No shoulder pads or gel covers for me! To me it’s paying respect for its original issuee. :+1:


50AE for pistol and 444 marlin for rifle. Why, because I like both the Desert Eagle and the Marlin.


I love big guns, and I love shooting them. I shoot and own a .50ae desert eagle, and a 500 magnum, for pistol. For rifle I have a .50 Beowulf and a .50 bmg


No, I dont particularly care for it anymore either. I would rater just camp and hike when I get the time outdoors. I shoot coyotes sometimes, that is it.


I’d love to have a BFR wheelgun in .444 Marlin. :drooling_face:


Wow! Now I’m very jealous! And 444 marlin… I have never shot one. Now I really want to!!


Now I have shot those, and love them!
As you know I’m also a huge fan of the .50 BMG!!!


Now those are cool!
You know they are made here in MN!


7mm rem mag is the largest caliber I shoot.


I know what you mean. I spent the last week deer hunting and let them all walk away. Just didn’t feel like killing (our cleaning).


I’m starting to feel left out. I need to buy another!