What’s with the new icons?


Just curious- I’m seeing these new icons and I find that I’m guessing at what they do. How about an introduction @Robert?


The roll of shit paper is trash
The A is share


work in progress, not ready to add to new user tutorial,
changing day to day

but, they should tell you when you place your cursor over them


I do everything on my old iPhone. I was a little confused at first.


lol, trying new things, comments are welcome, I can kill it all if not desired,


Change is hard for some of us old guys. Lol.


Not “old” but seasoned, plus we are allowed to make those silly-assed mistakes we all make early in the morning.


Yeah, I’m on my phone most of the time. Hovering doesn’t work. But I can get the gist when I click the wrong thing.

The pen is now the bookmark? That’s confusing- since the pencil used to be the edit button. How about a paper clip or a sticky note.


:bookmark:or maybe this?


I have to work with these and not all actually work, toilet for instance, had trash plans, didn’t work



if you have a steep or non existent learning curve just flip it into tablet mode…


I love the new icons.